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Pilau rice, cucumber rhaita and Chicken Tikka Jalfrezi.
Chicken tikka jalfrezi.jpg
Pilau rice, cucumber rhaita and Chicken Tikka Jalfrezi
Region or stateIndian Subcontinent, spread worldwide
Main ingredientsSpices, herbs, usually fresh or dried hot peppers/chillies
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Curry (from Tamil kari) is the English word for any of a general variety of spiced dishes, best known in Indian, Bangladeshi, Sri Lankan, Indonesian, Malaysian, Pakistani, Thai, and other South Asian and Southeast Asian cuisines, though curry has been adopted into many other cuisines. Curry first came from India. The idea of curry was later brought to the West by British colonialists in India from the 18th century. Dishes that are often called curries in Europe and America are rarely called curries in the native language.

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