Igor and Grichka Bogdanoff

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Bogdanoff twins
Grichka (left) and Igor (right) in 2016
OccupationTheoretical physics
Known forPopular science communications
Igor Yourievitch Bogdanoff
Born(1949-08-29)29 August 1949
Saint-Lary, Gers, France
Died3 January 2022(2022-01-03) (aged 72)
Paris, France
Grichka Yourievitch Bogdanoff
Born(1949-08-29)29 August 1949
Saint-Lary, Gers, France
Died28 December 2021(2021-12-28) (aged 72)
Paris, France

Igor Yourievitch Bogdanoff (29 August 1949 – 3 January 2022) and Grégoire "Grichka" Yourievitch Bogdanoff (29 August 1949 – 28 December 2021) were French twin brother television presenters,[1] producers, and scientific essayists.

They wrote books on science fiction, popular science, and cosmology. They were very controversial and were part of the Bogdanov affair, in which it was said the brothers wrote physics papers that made no sense and were published in trustworthy scientific journals.

The Bogdanoff twins were both hospitalised in critical condition for COVID-19 on 15 December 2021 at Hôpital Européen Georges-Pompidou in Paris. Grichka died from the virus on 28 December, at the age of 72.[2] Igor died six days later. [3]

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