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Acupuncture needles in a person's face

Acupuncture is an ancient kind of medical treatment in which thin metal needles are pushed into different parts of the body.[1] Acupuncture was developed by the Chinese about 5,000 years ago. It is still used today. It uses the Chinese philosophy of yin and yang.[1] Chinese doctors have performed surgery with acupuncture as the only anesthetic.[2] Recently, acupuncture has begun to be accepted in the West.[1][2] Many states now accept schools of acupuncture. Some doctors are studying and using acupuncture. In the United States acupuncture has often been used to help control pain and drug and alcohol addiction. It is also often used to treat headaches, asthma, and arthritis.[2]More examples of uses of acupuncture are for swollen joints, exsessive heat in joints, bleeding of the nose, heat pains, mental depression, and inability to reach arms over the head.[1]It is widely agreed that acupuncture treatment is safe when done by well-trained doctors using clean needles.[3] It is also agreed, though, that more study is needed. The places in which you insert the needles into are called pressure points.[3]

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