International General Certificate of Secondary Education

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The International General Certificate of Secondary Education, or IGCSE, is an international exam for school students. It is typically taken by 14 to 16-year–olds, and it makes students ready for more academic work, including moving to A-Level and AS-Level study. The IGCSE is recognised as the same quality as the United Kingdom GCSE.

IGCSE courses cover subjects from a variety of areas: Languages, Humanities, Social Sciences, Mathematics, Creative, Technical and Vocational.

Most subjects can be studied at two levels of ability, either an easier level or a harder level. This is so that the IGCSE is appropriate for students with different levels of ability. It is planned to be appropriate for students whose first language may not be English and this is seen in all the tests for the IGCSE.

Subjects available[change | change source]

The following is a list of subjects for which IGCSEs are available:

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