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Megadeth playing music at a concert in 2018. From left to right: David Ellefson, Dirk Verbeuren, Dave Mustaine and Kiko Loureiro.

Megadeth is an American thrash metal band. It was made by Dave Mustaine and David Ellefson in 1983.[1]

Albums[change | change source]

In 1985, Megadeth made its first album, named Killing is My Business... and Business is Good!. The Combat Records record label released the album. After the album came out, larger record labels noticed Megadeth, and the band joined Capitol Records. Their first album with Capitol Records, Peace Sells... but Who's Buying?, was released in 1986. Some Megadeth band members were addicted to drugs, so they got a lot of bad publicity during the 1980s. Still, the band released many popular albums, such as So Far, So Good... So What! in 1988,[2] Rust in Peace in 1990, and Countdown to Extinction in 1992. The band took a break in 2002, but came back together later.[3] They have released six albums since then.

Members[change | change source]

Megadeth has had many different guitarists, drummers, and bassists. Mustaine is the last member of the original group who is still in the band. Megadeth's current members are guitarist and singer Dave Mustaine, guitarist Kiko Loureiro, drummer Dirk Verbeuren and bassist James LoMenzo.[4][5]

Current[change | change source]

Picture Name Years in band Instruments Played music on
Megadeth @ Arena Joondalup (12 12 2010) (5272639661).jpg
Dave Mustaine
  • 1983–2002
  • 2004–present
All Megadeth albums
Metalmania 2008 Megadeth James LoMenzo 01.jpg
James LoMenzo
  • 2006–2010
  • 2021–2022 (touring)
  • 2022–present[6]
W1869-Hellfest2014 Angra KikoLoureiro 87038.JPG
Kiko Loureiro 2015–present
  • guitars
  • singing
  • piano
  • flute
Tuska 20130629 - Soilwork - 24.jpg
Dirk Verbeuren 2016–present drums The Sick, the Dying... and the Dead! (2022)

No longer in Megadeth[change | change source]

Picture Name Years in band Instruments Played music on
Megadeth @ Arena Joondalup (12 12 2010) (5272639753).jpg
David Ellefson
  • 1983–2002
  • 2010–2021
  • bass
  • singing
John Cyriis 1983 singing none
Richard Girod drums
Dijon Carruthers
Lee Rausch 1984 Last Rites demo (1984)
Gar Samuelson 1984–1987 (died 1999)
Greg Handevidt 1983 guitar none
Chris Poland
  • 1984–1985
  • 1985–1987
  • 1990 (session only)
  • 2004 (session only)
Mike Albert 1985 none
Jay Reynolds 1987
Chuck Behler 1987–1989 drums So Far, So Good... So What! (1988)
Jeff Young guitar
Nick Menza
  • 1989–1998
  • 2004 (died 2016)
  • drums
  • singing
all Megadeth releases from Rust in Peace (1990) to Cryptic Writings (1997)
Marty Friedman 13.jpg
Marty Friedman 1990–2000
  • guitars
  • singing
all Megadeth releases from Rust in Peace (1990) to Risk (1999)
Jimmy DeGrasso 1998–2002
  • drums
  • singing
Al Pitrelli Guitar.jpg
Al Pitrelli 2000–2002
  • guitar
  • singing
The World Needs a Hero (2001) and Rude Awakening (2002)
Megadeth live in Bucharest, Shawn Drover.jpg
Shawn Drover 2004–2014 drums all Megadeth releases from That One Night: Live in Buenos Aires (2005) to Countdown to Extinction: Live (2013)
Glen Drover 2004–2008
  • guitar
  • singing
James MacDonough.jpg
James MacDonough 2004–2006 bass
  • That One Night: Live in Buenos Aires (2005)
  • Gigantour (2006)
Chris Boderick Metalmania 2008 cropped.jpg
Chris Broderick 2008–2014
  • guitar
  • singing
All Megadeth releases from Endgame (2009) to Super Collider (2013)
2015 RiP Lamb of God - Chris Adler by 2eight - 3SC5483.jpg
Chris Adler 2015–2016 drums Dystopia (2016)

Session[change | change source]

A session musician is someone hired by a band to help make music.

Picture Name Years in band Instruments Played music on
Camp Freddy - Steve Jones - 2008.jpg
Steve Jones 1988 guitar solo on "Anarchy in the U.K." So Far, So Good... So What! (1988)
Jimmie Wood 1994 harmonica on "Train of Consequences" and "Elysian Fields" Youthanasia (1994)
Bob Findley
  • 2001
  • 2013
  • Trumpet on "Silent Scorn"
  • horn on "A House Divided"
Heather Keckler 2001 Talking on "The World Needs a Hero" and "1000 Times Goodbye" The World Needs a Hero (2001)
Suzie Katayama 2001 strings on "Promises" and "Losing My Senses"
Ken Mary 2001 Pro Tools (a software used for making music)
Chris Vrenna 2001–2002
Vinnie Colaiuta.jpg
Vinnie Colaiuta 2004 drums The System Has Failed (2004)
Jimmie Lee Sloas bass
Tim Akers keyboards
Darien Bennet singing on "Blackmail the Universe"
Eric Darken 2004, 2016 percussion
  • The System Has Failed (2004)
  • Dystopia (2016)
Charlie Judge
  • keyboards
  • orchestral arrangments
Michael Davis 2004 extra sounds The System Has Failed (2004)
Lance Dean singing
Scott Harrison
Celeste Amber Montague singing on "Blackmail the Universe"
Justis Mustaine singing
Ralph Patlan
  • singing
Chris Rodriguez 2004–2011, 2016 singing
Robert Venable 2004 singing The System Has Failed (2004)
Jonathan Yudkin
Axel Mackenrott 2007 keyboards United Abominations (2007)
Cristina Scabbia Cropped.jpg
Cristina Scabbia singing on "À Tout le Monde (Set Me Free)"
Brett Caldas-Lima singing on "United Abominations"
Marie Soler
Chris Clancy 2009 singing Endgame (2009)
Mark Newby-Robson keyboards on "The Hardest Part of Letting Go...Sealed with a Kiss"
Disturbed - Rock am Ring 2016 -2016155182402 2016-06-03 Rock am Ring - Sven - 1D X - 0147 - DV3P9519 mod.jpg
David Draiman 2013 singing on "Dance in the Rain" Super Collider (2013)
Yao Zhao cello on "Dance in the Rain"
Tom Cunningham
  • Fiddle on "The Blackest Crow"
  • violin on "Dance in the Rain"
The Shannon Rovers Irish Pipe Band (Brian Costello, Sean Costello, Mary Kate Peterson) bagpipes on "Built for War"
Electra Mustaine singing on "Forget to Remember" and "Beginning of Sorrow"
Sarah Phelps singing on "Beginning of Sorrow"
Willie Gee talks in "The Blackest Crow"
Farah Siraj at Windmill Craftworks, Bangalore.jpg
Farah Siraj 2016 singing on "The Threat Is Real" and "Poisonous Shadows" Dystopia (2016)
Miles Doleac talks in "Conquer or Die!"
Blair Masters keyboards
20140608 Gelsenkirchen RockHard 0924.jpg
Steve Di Giorgio 2022 bass The Sick, The Dying...The Dead (2022)

At concerts[change | change source]

Picture Name Years in band Instruments Notes
Slayer München 2016 (3 von 6).jpg
Kerry King 1984 guitars Slayer guitarist Kerry King played with the band when Mustaine started singing. He did not stay in the band because he was in Slayer.
Tony Laureano 2015–2016 drums Laureano played the drums instead of Chris Adler when Adler could not play.

Timeline[change | change source]

References[change | change source]

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