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List of Xena: Warrior Princess episodes

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The following is a complete episode list for the historical fantasy series Xena: Warrior Princess, which began airing on September 4, 1995. The series ran for six seasons and 134 episodes until its final episode aired on May 21, 2001. Three pilot episodes for the series, collectively called The Xena Trilogy, initially aired as part of the first seasons of Hercules: The Legendary Journeys.

The show, primarily set in ancient Greece with a flexible time setting, details the adventures of former Hercules villain Xena. Now a reformed warlord on a quest to redeem her past sins, Xena is accompanied on her travels by Gabrielle, a young woman who becomes her best friend and, eventually, most trusted ally.

Season Episodes Originally aired DVD release date
Region 1 Region 2 Region 4 Discs
Season 1 24 1995 – 1996 April 23, 2003 June 6, 2005 (UK) June 23, 2005 (NZ)
October 12, 2005 (AUS)
Season 2 22 1996 – 1997 September 2, 2003 August 1, 2005 (UK) August 24, 2005 (NZ)
October 12, 2005 (AUS)
Season 3 22 1997 – 1998 February 10, 2004 October 3, 2005 (UK) September 22, 2005 (NZ)
December 10, 2005 (AUS)
Season 4 22 1998 – 1999 June 15, 2004 November 21, 2005 (UK) November 17, 2005 (NZ)
December 10, 2005 (AUS)
Season 5 22 1999 – 2000 October 19, 2004 December 10, 2005 (AUS) 7
Season 6 22 2000 – 2001 March 8, 2005 April 3, 2006 (UK) December 10, 2005 (AUS) 7

Season 1 (1995–1996)

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Image Title Original Airdate Episode Production #
Sins of the Past 4 September, 1995 1 76901
Xena renounces her warlord past and begins burying her weapons. She later retrieves them to save a group of villagers from being sold into slavery. Gabrielle convinces Xena to allow her to travel with her.
Chariots of War 11 September, 1995 2 76902
When Xena is injured during a fight, the widowed Darius and his children look after her. Xena is left with the dilemma of whether to settle down with them or continue her fight to protect the innocent.
Dreamworker 18 September, 1995 3 76905
Morpheus kidnaps Gabrielle so he can make her his bride. In order to be married, Gabrielle must lose her "blood innocence". Using her wits, she manages to avoid causing any blood shed. Xena enters the dream world so that she can save Gabrielle, but while there she must battle her own evil side before she can accomplish her rescue.
Cradle of Hope 25 September, 1995 4 76906
When a baby is prophesied to inherit the throne, King Gregor and his councillor, Nemos search for the newborn babe. Meanwhile, Xena and Gabrielle meet Pandora, while searching for the mother of an abandoned baby.
The Path Not Taken 2 October, 1995 5 76907
A weapons dealer kidnaps a princess so he can profit from the resulting war between two feuding kingdoms. Xena pretends to be the ruthless warrior she once was, in order to gain access to the dealers base. While there, Xena meets an old lover, Marcus. Marcus prevents Xena from rescuing the princess, but later sacrifices his own life to save her.
The Reckoning 16 October, 1995 6 76908
Ares plots to get Xena back into his fold by framing her for the murder of some villagers and organizing a lynching. Xena is put on trial and Gabrielle sticks by her throughout. Xena fools Ares into thinking she is joining him again, and he brings the dead villagers back from the dead.
The Titans 30 October, 1995 7 76904
When Gabrielle reads from an ancient parchment, she unwittingly awakens three Titans, who believe that she is a goddess. While Xena works to stop Hyperion from awakening a whole army of Titans, Gabrielle searches for the parchment that will send the Titans back into slumber.
Prometheus 6 November, 1995 8 76910
When people begin losing their healing ability, Xena and Gabrielle discover that Hera has chained Prometheus. Xena goes through a number of trials in order to gain a sword that will break Prometheus' bonds. She and Gabrielle team up with Hercules and Iolaus, both Xena and Hercules know that whoever uses the sword will die and they argue over who will use it.
Death in Chains 13 November, 1995 9 76903
King Sisyphus has taken Celesta, Hades' sister hostage so that she cannot take him to the Underworld. Hades asks Xena for her help in freeing his sister. Xena and Gabrielle must rescue Celesta before she dies.
Hooves and Harlots 20 November, 1995 10 76911
When Gabrielle risks her own life to protect the dying Amazon princess, Terreis, she is given the princess' Right of Caste, which effectively makes Gabrielle the heir to the current Amazon Queen, Melosa. Ephiny, one of the Amazons begins teaching Gabrielle the ways of the Amazons as she will one day be their queen.
The Black Wolf 8 January, 1996 11 1712
When an old friend of Xena's lands herself in prison, Xena also gets herself arrested so that she can rescue her. Gabrielle begins a food fight so she can get into prison to help Xena.
Beware Greeks Bearing Gifts 15 January, 1996 12 76914
The ongoing war in Troy prompts Helen to contact Xena for her help in ending it. When Xena arrives she finds that she and Helen are in the midst of a plot orchestrated by Helen's brother-in-law.
Athens City Academy of the Performing Bards 22 January, 1996 13 76916
Gabrielle travels alone to Athens so she can enter a bard competition. the prize is a place at the Academy of the Performing Bards. While there she helps another bard who is under pressure from his father to succeed.
A Fist Full of Dinars 29 January, 1996 14 76918
Xena and Gabrielle join a group of outlaws to prevent them from capturing Ambrosia, which can turn a mortal into a god.
Warrior... Princess 5 February, 1996 15 76921
When Xena's look-alike, Princess Diana is under threat from assassination, Xena takes her place. While living with "the little people", Diana realizes that there is poverty in the kingdom, something that she is shocked to discover. Meanwhile, Xena plays matchmaker with Diana and the brother of her betrothed.
Mortal Beloved 12 February, 1996 16 76919
Hades' Helmet of Invisibility is stolen by Atyminius and Hades calls for Xena's help. Xena convinces him to return Marcus to the land of the living so they can retrieve the helmet and restore order to the Underworld.
The Royal Couple of Thieves 19 February, 1996 17 76922
Xena joins Autolycus, the "King of Thieves" so they can recover a chest, which contains the world's most powerful weapon. They disguise themselves as an assassin and his lover, and Xena has a fight with the real assassin.
The Prodigal 4 March, 1996 18 76915
When Gabrielle journeys home to Potidaea, she discovers that her sister, Lila is angry at her for leaving her at home all alone. the village is also under attack from a warlord, so Gabrielle uses what she has learned while traveling with Xena, teaches the villagers how to defend themselves.
Altared States 22 April, 1996 19 76926
Xena and Gabrielle must protect Icus, whose father believes he must be sacrificed. Xena discovers that Icus' older brother, Maell has fooled his father into believing he is the voice of his monotheistic god.
Ties That Bind 29 April, 1996 20 76923
An elderly warrior, Atrius shows up claiming to be Xena's father. When he is captured and tortured by a village, Xena takes an army and almost slaughters the whole village. Then Atrius reveals himself to be Ares in disguise attempting to win Xena back again.
The Greater Good 6 May, 1996 21 76924
Salmoneus asks Xena for her protection from an evil warlord. Xena is struck by a poisoned dart and dies, leaving Gabrielle and Salmoneus to save the day.
Callisto 13 May, 1996 22 76920
Xena has to battle the fierce woman warrior Callisto, who is bent on revenge for the death of her family.
Death Mask 6 June, 1996 23 76917
Xena meets her brother Toris, who has joined the army of the warlord who attacked Amphipolis and killed their brother Lyceus years before. Xena works hard to keep Toris from committing murder or being murdered himself before she can bring the warlord Cortese to justice.
Is There a Doctor in the House? 29 July, 1996 24 76925
Xena and Gabrielle rescue the pregnant Ephiny from the battlefield and take shelter in one of Asclepius' temples, finding it full of casualties. While there, she gives birth to her centaur son, Xenan. Xena tends to the wounded and Gabrielle is mortally injured while helping out.

Season 2 (1996-1997)

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Image Title Original Airdate Episode
Orphan of War 30 September, 1996 1
Xena meets Solon, the son she gave to the Centaurs to raise. Xena battles Dagnine, who has used the power of the Ixion Stone to transform himself into the most powerful centaur ever known.
Remember Nothing 7 October, 1996 2
When Xena saves the Fates from attack, they give her the chance to live her life again; if she agrees to give up her warrior ways. She accepts and in the new life, Lyceus is still alive, but her mother is dead and Gabrielle is a warlord's slave.
The Giant Killer 14 October, 1996 3
Xena faces her old friend Goliath in battle when he refuses to turn his back on the ruthless Philistines.
Girls Just Wanna Have Fun 21 October, 1996 4
Xena and Gabrielle join forces with Joxer and Orpheus to defeat Bacchus, who is transforming innocent girls into deadly monsters.
The Return of Callisto 28 October, 1996 5
As Gabrielle and Perdicas marry, Callisto break out of prison. Callisto murders Perdicas and Gabrielle wants Xena to teach her how to kill Callisto, so she can exact her revenge.
Warrior... Princess... Tramp 4 November, 1996 6
Princess Diana is kidnapped and Meg, another look-alike, is recruited to impersonate her. Xena is called by the king to help rescue her. All three begin impersonating each other and much confusion ensues.
Intimate Stranger 11 November, 1996 7
Callisto convinces Ares to switch her body with that of Xena and she escapes from Tartarus. Hades allows Xena, now in Callisto's body, to go after her. Callisto in Xena's body, causes trouble for Xena's friends and family.
Ten Little Warlords 18 November, 1996 8
Ares' sword is stolen and loses his powers along with it. King Sisyphus brings Xena and some warlords together for a final battle to decide who will sit on the deposed Ares' throne. His plan is to take Ares' place and escape from Tartarus.
A Solstice Carol 9 December, 1996 9
Xena and Gabrielle arrive in a kingdom where celebrating the Solstice is forbidden. Xena devises a plan to stop King Silvus from closing an orphanage. He is visited by three ghosts, who show him the error of his wicked ways.
The Xena Scrolls 13 January, 1997 10
In 1940, the archaeologist, Janice Covington is searching for the key to unlock a tomb containing the ancient Xena Scrolls. With the help of Melinda Pappas and Jacques S'er she find the scrolls and releases Ares from his tomb.
Here She Comes... Miss Amphipolis 20 January, 1997 11
Salmoneus summons Xena to help keep the peace in the kingdom where he is organising the Miss Known World Beauty Pageant. Xena enters the contest as Miss Amphipolis so she can figure out who is sabotaging the pageant.
Destiny 27 January, 1997 12
Xena is badly injured and Gabrielle must take her on a long journey to a healer on Mount Nestos. While unconscious Xena remembers the first time she met Caesar, and the actions that turned her into an angry warlord.
The Quest 3 February, 1997 13
While mourning Xena's death, Gabrielle has to lead the Amazons, who want to give Xena an Amazon funeral. Autolycus, King of Thieves, tries to deal with being possessed by Xena's spirit, which uses his body to steal her body. He and Gabrielle must get to the Ambrosia in time or Xena will remain dead. Meanwhile, Velasca is angry at being passed over as queen.
A Necessary Evil 10 February, 1997 14
Velasca, having eaten Ambrosia, has become a god and attacks the Amazon camp. Xena makes a deal with Callisto, who agrees to fight Velasca for a chance to get her hands on some Ambrosia.
A Day in the Life 17 February, 1997 15
Two villages need Xena's help, but she cannot be in both places at once. One needs protection from a giant, the other from an evil warlord.
For Him the Bell Tolls 24 February, 1997 16
Responding to an urgent message from King Lias, Xena decides to go away for a few days, leaving Gabrielle and Joxer behind. Aphrodite has some fun when she causes Joxer to become a hero every time a bell rings.
The Execution 7 April, 1997 17
Xena and Gabrielle are summoned to a village by Meleager the Mighty, and find that their famous warrior friend has just been convicted of murder. Gabrielle breaks him out of jail and Xena looks for the real culprit.
Blind Faith 14 April, 1997 18
An aspiring warrior kidnaps Gabrielle so that he can pick a fight with Xena. During the fight Xena is blinded by Sumac oil and begins losing her sight. Meanwhile, Gabrielle has been sold to man who wants to marry her to the recently dead king. Can Xena save Gabrielle and save her sight also.
Ulysses 21 April, 1997 19
Poseidon warns Xena to stay out of his fight with Ulysses, King of Ithaca, but she is determined to see justice done.
The Price 28 April, 1997 20
Xena and Gabrielle encounter the axe-wielding Horde, who slew Xena's old army and learn that the only way to defeat them in to beat their leader.
Lost Mariner 5 May, 1997 21
Gabrielle finds herself on the cursed ship of the Lost Mariner, Cecrops, and Xena determines to save her friend and break the curse.
A Comedy of Eros 12 May, 1997 22
Cupid's son, Bliss, steals one of his father's crossbows and proceeds to wreak havoc on the mortal world.

Season 3 (1997-1998)

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Image Title Original Airdate Episode
The Furies 29 September, 1997 1
Ares convinces the Furies to inflict madness on Xena because she has not avenged the death of her father. Xena heads off to find the culprit, only to discover it was her mother, Cyrene. With the help of Gabrielle and a tale from Cyrene about Xena's conception, Xena is able to persuade The Furies that Ares is her father.
Been There, Done That 6 October, 1997 2
Cupid causes a town to relive the same day over and over until a hero can help the two star-crossed lovers from feuding families. Xena is the only person who knows the day is resetting and must work alone to save the day and break the curse.
The Dirty Half Dozen 13 October, 1997 3
Xena seeks the help of a group of Greece's best convicts against Agathon. Ares has given Agathon the Metal of Hephaestus to forge his new superior weapons and it is up to Xena and the others to stop Agathon.
The Deliverer 20 October, 1997 4
Xena travels to Britannia to help Boadicea in her fight against Caesar. While there Gabrielle learns about a cult who worships "The One God". She is tricked into killing one of the priestesses and is impregnated with the spawn of the evil Dahak.
Gabrielle's Hope 27 October, 1997 5
As the baby in Gabrielle's womb grows at an alarming rate, she and Xena are followed by Banshees and the Knights of the Round Table. The knights fear that the unborn child is the great evil they have heard about. When Xena finds one of the knights dead, she decides that the baby is evil incarnate and must be killed.
The Debt, Part 1 3 November, 1997 6
Xena receives a message telling her to kill the "Green Dragon". As she travels to Qin to complete the request she tells Gabrielle about her and Borias and the time they met Lao Ma, one of the first people who tried to teach Xena about The Way.
The Debt, Part 2 10 November, 1997 7
After betraying Xena to Ming T'ien, Gabrielle begs for forgiveness and asks Ming T'ien to spare Xena's life. While awaiting execution, Xena remembers what Lao Ma had been trying to teach her, which gives her access to special powers.
The King of Assassins 17 November, 1997 8
To prevent the assassination of Cleopatra, Xena joins up with Autolycus and Joxer. The problem is the assassin is Joxer's brother Jett, who is really working with Autolycus.
Warrior… Priestess… Tramp 12 January, 1998 9
Meg switches place with her look-alike, the Hestian Priestess Leah, so that she and a corrupt priest can bring the cult into disrepute. Meanwhile, Leah experience life in the world beyond the temple.
The Quill Is Mightier… 19 January, 1998 10
Aphrodite decides to have some fun and enchants Gabrielle's scroll so that everything she writes comes true. The resulting chaos leads both Ares and Aphrodite to lose their powers and sends Xena on a fishing trip.
Maternal Instincts 26 January, 1998 11
Hope returns a releases Callisto from the lava and presents herself to Gabrielle, who decides to keep Hope a secret from Xena. Meanwhile, Hope and Callisto plan to murder Solan.
The Bitter Suite 2 February, 1998 12
After fighting and attempting to kill each other, Xena and Gabrielle are transported to the land of Illusia. In the strange land they journey through their shared hatred and pain and regain their lost friendship.
One Against an Army 9 February, 1998 13
During the Persian War, Xena and Gabrielle shelter in an old barn. Xena plans to use the weapons there to stall the advancing army. Gabrielle is then hit with a poisoned dart and Xena must fight the army alone while trying to keep Gabrielle alive.
Forgiven 16 February, 1998 14
Tara, a bratty tearaway teen wants to replace Gabrielle as Xena's sidekick. She beats Gabrielle and leads Xena to the stolen Urn of Apollo.
King Con 23 February, 1998 15
Xena and Gabrielle join forces with a couple of con men after Joxer is almost beaten to death on the order of the local casino manager. Her plan is to take the owner to the cleaners. The two men make a bet: who will be the first to kiss Xena? Things get complicated when Xena starts falling for Rafe.
When in Rome 3 March, 1998 16
To force Caesar's hand in releasing the Gaulish chief, Vercinix, Xena kidnaps Crassus, one of Caesar's allies. Xena rescues Vercinix and places Crassus in his stead. It is up to Caesar and Gabrielle either to save Crassus or let him be executed in Vercinix's place.
Forget Me Not 9 March, 1998 17
Still pained by the memories of Hope and recent events, Gabrielle seeks the help of Mnemosyne, the goddess of memory. A priestess sends her on a dream journey with Ares as her guide. Upon completion of the journey she is given the choice to suffer the pain or let it go, and all her happy memories along with it.
Fins, Femmes and Gems 13 April, 1998 18
Aphrodite wants to steal the North Star to put in her own constellation, so she puts charms on Xena, Gabrielle and Joxer. Xena becomes preoccupied with fishing, Gabrielle, with herself and Joxer becomes "Attis the Ape Man".
Tsunami 20 April, 1998 19
Gabrielle, Xena and Autolycus are trapped in a ship's hull after it is hit by a tsunami. Xena comes up with a risky plan to save everyone and get them all to the surface.
Vanishing Act 27 April, 1998 20
After a golden statue is stolen, Xena calls on Autolycus, the King of Thieves, to help her steal it back. She and Gabrielle pose as rival buyers in order to discover where the statue is being hidden.
Sacrifice, Part 1 4 May, 1998 21
Callisto, with the help of Dahak's priest, brings Hope back into the world. Ares sides with Dahak rather than against him. He tells Gabrielle that if Xena kills Hope, the Fates will cut her life thread and she will die too.
Sacrifice, Part 2 11 May, 1998 22
Ares and Hope consummate their new relationship and followers of Dahak plan a sacrifice that will usher him into the world. Meanwhile, Xena searches for the Hind's Blood Dagger, the only thing she knows of capable of killing Hope.

Season 4 (1998-1999)

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Image Title Original Airdate Episode
Adventures in the Sin Trade, Part 1 28 September, 1998 1
After Gabrielle's death, Xena goes to Hades looking for her. He tells her she is in the Amazon Land of the Dead. While there, Xena discovers an old ally, Alti, has enslaved the souls of an Amazon tribe. Xena stops to teach the Amazons how to fight back against Alti.
Adventures in the Sin Trade, Part 2 5 October, 1998 2
As Xena prepares the Amazons to fight back, she remembers her alliance with Alti and her betrayal. Meanwhile, Alti plagues Xena with disturbing visions of her and Gabrielle being crucified.
A Family Affair 12 October, 1998 3
Xena and Joxer reunite with Gabrielle in Poteidaia, but Hope is posing in her place and has taken the family hostage. Meanwhile, she raises her child, "The Destroyer". Xena and Gabrielle trick the beast and the wounded creature, mistaking Hope for Gabrielle, kills her.
In Sickness and in Hell 19 October, 1998 4
Xena, Gabrielle and Joxer have to stop the Scythian army from attacking some villages. Xena and Gabrielle are struck down with lice and moldy feet. Joxer saves the day by giving the army food poisoning.
A Good Day 26 October, 1998 5
When Caesar and Pompey bring their war to Greece, Xena joins up with a Greek mercenary and the country people in order to trick the Romans into battling each other, thus leaving Greece reasonably unharmed.
A Tale of Two Muses 2 November, 1998 6
In a town where dancing is banned, Xena and Gabrielle find Tara about to be whipped for breaking the law. While there Gabrielle withstands the urge to dance, while Xena gets Autolycus to help bring dance back to the town.
Locked up and Tied Down 9 November, 1998 7
Xena is arrested for an old murder and sentenced to spend the rest of her life at Shark Island Prison. Xena believes her time prison will help atone for her past, but with Gabrielle's help they discover that the victim survived and is now the prison warder.
Crusader 16 November, 1998 8
Xena and Gabrielle meet Najara, a woman who fights evil and converts people to "turn to the light". Xena tries to leave Gabrielle with her, fearing the visions that Alti showed her. Xena later discovers that Najara kills anyone who refuses to convert to her way.
Past Imperfect 4 January, 1999 9
While Xena tries to protect Gabrielle from the events that occurred in her vision, she is confronted by her past and learns that an opposing army's leader is the woman who helped her give birth and also killed Borias years earlier.
The Key to the Kingdom 11 January, 1999 10
Joxer, Autolycus and Meg team up to save a baby and find the key that will fulfill a prophecy that the baby will become king.
Daughter of Pomira 18 January, 1999 11
Many years ago, Vanessa was kidnapped by The Horde, now Xena goes off to rescue her. Once returned to her family, they discover that she was not being held as a slave, but had been adopted by the leader of The Horde. She reveals that she regard herself as Pomira, the Horde's real name, and not Greek. Through her Xena and the others learn that the Pomira are not savages.
If the Shoe Fits 25 January, 1999 12
Princess Alesia has run away from home because she does not like her new stepmother. Xena, Joxer, Gabrielle and Aphrodite try to persuade her to return by telling her their own versions of Cinderella. Meanwhile, Aphrodite wants the girl to be the new Demigoddess of Puppy Love.
Paradise Found 1 February, 1999 13
Gabrielle and Xena have an accident and find themselves in a hidden paradise. The guru there begins instructing Gabrielle about inner peace and healing her pain. Xena becomes more and more agitated and violent, while Gabrielle slowly begins turning into stone.
Devi 8 February, 1999 14
In India, Gabrielle and Xena meet Eli, and Gabrielle is possessed by the spirit of the demoness, Tataka. She begins healing people, poses as a devi and tries to kill Xena and Eli, who is the real devi.
Between the Lines 15 February, 1999 15
After being saved from her husband's funeral pyre, Naiyima sends Xena and Gabrielle on a spiritual journey to a future life. In that time Xena is the Mother of Peace and Gabrielle is a warrior prince, their enemy is the reincarnated Alti. Using the powers that Naiyima taught them, they bring Alti back to their own time and defeat her.
The Way 22 February, 1999 16
Eli and Gabrielle are kidnapped by Indrajit, and Xena and Hanuman go to rescue them. Hanuman tells Xena she will need Krishna's help to defeat Indrajit so she prays to him. He tells her she only need call his name and help will be given. After being saved, Gabrielle chooses to follow Eli's Way of Love and Xena dedicates herself to the Way of the Warrior.
The Play's the Thing 1 March, 1999 17
Gabrielle gets the opportunity to have one of her scrolls turned into a play. She becomes embroiled in a scheme to con some warlords out of their money and cannot find an actress good enough to play herself.
The Convert 19 April, 1999 18
Joxer accidentally kills a warlord and feel guilt at his actions. He decides he has to tell the man's son himself. Meanwhile, Najara has escaped from prison and tells Xena and Gabrielle she now follows Eli's way of peace.
Takes One to Know One 26 April, 1999 19
A bounty hunter is found dead in Cyrene's inn and Discord declares she will take all of Xena's friend to Tartarus unless she brings her the real culprit. The whole gang turn detective to try to find the one responsible.
Endgame 3 May, 1999 20
Ephiny is killed by Brutus and Xena and Gabrielle learnt that the Amazons have been caught in the Roman civil war. Xena rescues some of the Amazons and lures Caesar and Pompey to fight each other again. Gabrielle and Brutus try to forge peace between Caesar and the Amazons.
The Ides of March 10 May, 1999 21
With the help of the demonic Callisto, Caesar places a trap for Xena, with Gabrielle as the bait. As Xena and Gabrielle attempt an escape, Brutus revolts against Caesar and the vision Alti showed Xena comes to fulfillment.
Déjà Vu all over Again 17 May, 1999 22
In the present, Annie Day is a hardcore Xena fan with the belief that she is the reincarnation of Xena. She visits a past life therapist in order to discover the truth. She finds that she was Joxer, her husband Harry was really Xena and the therapist was Gabrielle.

Season 5 (1999-2000)

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Image Title Original Airdate Episode
Fallen Angel 27 September, 1999 91 501
After Xena and Gabrielle are crucified by the Romans, an archangel takes the warrior princess to heaven, while a demon spirits Gabrielle to hell.
Chakram 4 October, 1999 92 502
Xena has no recollection of being a warrior after she and Gabrielle are resurrected from the dead by Eli.
Succession 11 October, 1999 93 503
Xena and Gabrielle must face Mavican, Ares' new right-hand woman, with some added complications.
Animal Attraction 18 October, 1999 94 504
Xena, Gabrielle, Joxer, and Amarice travel to the town of Spamona, where Xena is shocked to learn that she is pregnant.
Them Bones, Them Bones 25 October, 1999 95 505
Alti, an evil shamaness Xena killed, returns through the spirit world to gain control of her unborn baby's soul.
Purity 8 November, 1999 96 506
When Xena returns to Qin to recover Lao Ma's book of power, she must defeat one of Lao Ma's twin daughters, who wants to acquire the power for her own evil purposes.
Back in the Bottle 15 November, 1999 97 507
Xena must master Lao Ma's powers to save Gabrielle, Joxer and the people of Qin from a militia led by the evil spirits of Pao Ssu and her brother, Ming T'ien.
Little Problems 22 November, 1999 98 508
Gabrielle and Aphrodite have until sundown to save Xena's soul from being trapped inside a young girl, Daphne, forever.
Seeds of Faith 10 January, 2000 99 509
We discover the father of Xena's child is Callisto. Includes Ares and other surprises. This leads into a series of episodes that begins with the birth of the baby and triggers a cataclysmic change for Xena, her baby and the entire world.
Lyre, Lyre, Hearts on Fire 17 January, 2000 100 510
To avoid a war over who gets possession of Terpsichore's lyre, Xena organizes a battle of the bands in this musical episode that reunites Xena with Cyrene, Joxer with his twin brother Jace, and Gabrielle with a lovesick Draco.
Punch Lines 24 January, 2000 101 511
Gabrielle and Argo are shrunken into miniature versions of themselves when they cross paths with Lachrymose, the god of despair.
God Fearing Child 05 February, 2000 102 512
Xena's baby is born after Hercules steps in to battle his father Zeus, who learns that the birth of the child will signal the end of the Olympian order.
Eternal Bonds 12 February, 2000 103 513
When Joxer is wounded by a poisonous sword intended to kill Xena and Eve, it is up to Gabrielle to get him to the antidote while Xena combats armies sent by priests of the gods.
Amphipolis under Siege 19 February, 2000 104 514
Athena wages war on Xena's hometown of Amphipolis in an effort to kill Eve and stop the Twilight of the Gods.
Married with Fishsticks 21 February, 2000 105 515
When Gabrielle is knocked unconscious into the sea, a merman convinces her that she is his wife and the mother of three.
Lifeblood 13 March, 2000 106 516
Xena and Gabrielle travel to the Amazon village to make Eve an Amazon princess and discover that it is up to them to prevent unnecessary bloodshed in a vengeful war.
Kindred Spirits 20 March, 2000 107 517
Joxer breaks Amazon laws that force Queen Gabrielle to choose between settling down in the Amazon village and life on the road with Xena.
Antony and Cleopatra 24 April, 2000 108 518
When Cleopatra is murdered, Xena assumes the Egyptian queen's identity.
Looking Death in the Eye 24 April, 2000 109 519
This is a combination flashback and flashforward episode. It has Joxer, in the autumn of his life, looking back and telling a story of how Xena and Gabrielle opposed the gods and won.
Livia 1 May, 2000 110 520
Xena and Gabrielle awaken in the ice tomb where Ares put their bodies when he thought were dead. They find out that those events happened 25 years before and Eve has grown up as a Roman, Livia, who is now a bloodthirsty warrior who is trying to eliminate Eli's cult.
Eve 10 May, 1999 111 521
Livia refuses to accept she is Eve, the daughter of Xena, and keeps killing the followers of Eli even in a more cruel way to please Ares and become the Empress of Rome.
Motherhood 17 May, 1999 112 522
When the Olympians gods discover that Livia is Eve, they start fearing again the Twilight prophecy. Athena sends the Furies to a special mission: they must turn Gabrielle mad until she kills Eve. However, when Eve is initiated in the Way of Love, Xena is given the power to kill gods.

Season 6 (2000-2001)

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Image Title Original Airdate Episode
Coming Home 2 October, 2000 113 501
Ares needs Xena's help to restore his godly powers, but he gets more than he bargained for when the Furies play a trick on him.
The Haunting of Amphipolis 9 October, 2000 114 502
Xena is forced to battle Mephistopheles when she returns to Amphipolis with Gabrielle and Eve to find her home haunted by evil.
Heart of Darkness 16 October, 2000 115 503
Xena fights to avoid inheriting the throne of Mephistopheles by devising a plan to turn the cocky archangel Lucifer into the King of Hell.
Who's Gurkhan? 23 October, 2000 116 504
When Gabrielle learns that her niece has been captured by the vicious raider Gurkhan, she sets sail for North Africa on a rescue mission with Xena, Eve, and Virgil.
Legacy 30 October, 2000 117 505
On their travels through the North African desert, Xena and Gabrielle intervene to help two tribes of warring nomads unite against their Roman enemies.
The Abyss 6 November, 2000 118 506
Xena and Gabrielle are forced into a deadly confrontation with cannibals when they go in search of Virgil.
The Rheingold 18 November, 2000 119 507
A highly dramatic three-episode arc that takes Xena and Gabrielle north when a Norse warrior named Beowulf approaches Xena for help. Filled with elaborate special effects, these stories involving Norse mythology will feature such entities as Odin, Grindl, Valkyries and flying horses.
The Ring 20 November, 2000 120 508
In the conclusion, Gabrielle, Beowulf and Brunhilda discover a severely wounded Xena hiding from the beast Grindl. Xena explains her history with the beast, and how a magical ring is at the root of the problem. Later, Brunhilda kidnaps Gabrielle and confesses her love for her. Xena and Beowulf, meanwhile, battle an array of villains who seek to take possession of the ring.
Return of the Valkyrie 2 December, 2000 121 509
Xena has amnesia as Hrothgar's bride, Wealthea, and must regain her memory in order to save Gabrielle.
Old Ares Had a Farm 15 January, 2001 122 510
To protext Ares from a gang of revenge-seeking warlords, Xena brings him to her childhood home and disguises him as a farmer.
Dangerous Prey 24 January, 2001 123 511
Xena finds herself matched against the twisted Prince Morloch, who has been hunting Amazons for sport. After killing the queen of the Amazons, he sets his sights on Xena, who promised the late queen that she would watch over her daughter, Varia. Together, the two women battle Morloch and his henchmen.
The God You Know 29 January, 2001, 2000 124 512
The Archangel Michael asks Xena and Gabrielle to stop the evil---and immortal---Roman emperor Caligula, who is slaughtering innocents. Afraid for her daughter Eve, who is in Rome, Xena agrees to the job. But her plan takes a bad turn when she learns Caligula has taken Aphrodite as a sex slave. If he dies, she will die, too. To complicate matters, Michael manipulates Eve into becoming the bait he believes Xena needs to kill Caligula.
You Are There 5 February, 2001 125 513
Much to their chagrin, a tabloid-TV reporter attempts to learn why Xena and Gabrielle have returned to Norse lands. His investigation leads him to suspect that Xena is plotting to kill Odin and make herself a god in his place. But his story takes a twist when a mysterious informant explains that the Warrior Princess is trying to save the world and that the reporter should follow the love if he wants the true story.
Path of Vengeance 17 February, 2001 126 514
Eve is taken prisoner by Varia, the queen of the Amazons, who seeks revenge for Eve's past life as Livia, when she slaughtered Varia's younger sister during an attack on the Amazons. When Xena learns of Eve's fate, she and Gabrielle set out to rescue Xena's daughter. In the process, they learn that the Amazons are preparing to wage war against the Romans and that none other than Ares is behind the plot.
To Helicon and Back 19 February, 2001 127 515
The Amazon Queen Varia is kidnapped by a masked warrior, leaving Gabrielle to lead the other Amazons on a bloody rescue mission. The plan takes a downward turn, however, when Xena's efforts to counteract the warrior's catapults are ineffective.
Send in the Clones 23 April, 2001 128 516
Modern-day Xena fans clone Xena and Gabrielle and Alti awaits their rebirth.
Last of the Centaurs 30 April, 2001 129 517
We revisit Ephiny and her son, Xenan, along with Borias and his son, Belach.
When Fates Collide 07 May, 2001 130 518
After escaping from Hades, Caesar takes control of the Fates' "Loom of Life," which he uses to splice the past with a new future---a future in which Xena becomes his wife and Brutus remains his loyal aide. In the rearranged world, Gabrielle is a playwright for whom Xena feels an intense attraction. Sensing their bond, Caesar charges Gabrielle with being an assassin, and orders that she be crucified.
Many Happy Returns 14 May, 2001 131 519
On their way to deliver the Helmet of Hermes to Thebes, Xena and Gabrielle save the young virgin Genia (Katie Stuart) from being sacrificed by religious zealots. Renee says this was kind of like A Day In The Life. A comedy with Alex Tydings as Aphrodite. There's a tip of the hat to the musical that never was in this episode.
Soul Possession 4 June, 2001 132 520
Soul Possession, is a clip show featuring Ted Raimi as Harry O'Casey, Renee O'Connor as Mattie Merrill and Lucy Lawless as Annie Day, the reincarnation of Xena, Gabrielle and Joxer, respectively, previously introduced in Déjà Vu All Over Again. The episode, helmed by seasoned director Josh Becker, focuses on the present-day discovery of a scroll which fills in the gap between Xena finding out that Gabrielle is alive in Adventures in the Sin Trade, and actually locating her partner in A Family Affair. Ares, played for the final time by Kevin Smith, has a significant role in the story, and we discover that, ironically, Harry and Mattie (alias Xena and Gabrielle) are now married to each other.
A Friend in Need, Part 1 11 June, 2001 133 521
Summoned by a long-lost spiritual soulmate, Xena heads for Japan with Gabrielle on a daunting mission to save the city of Higuchi from destruction and make amends for her past.
A Friend in Need, Part 2 18 June, 2001 134 522
The two-part series finale concludes with Xena and Gabrielle entering into battle against a samurai ghost, Yodushi, and his army of 20,000 warriors. As the adventure series draws to a close after six seasons, two questions loom for fans. Will Xena and Gabrielle share a meaningful kiss? And will Xena die---again? Neither Lawless nor her husband, executive producer Rob Tapert, will reveal the answers. Instead, Lawless notes that the series strove to leave Xena and Gabrielle's relationship “as open to interpretation as possible.” And what about Xena's future? Tapert only admits he'd “love to do a movie.”

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