Luhansk People's Republic

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Luhansk People's Republic
  • Луганская Народная Республика (Russian)
  • Luganskaya Narodnaya Respublika
Flag of Novorossiya#Luhansk People's Republic
Motto: Луганск, сила и свобода
Lugansk, sila i svoboda
"Luhansk, strength and freedom"
Anthem: Государственный Гимн Луганской Народной Республики
Gosudarstvennyy Gimn Luganskoy Narodnoy Respubliki
"State Anthem of the Luhansk People's Republic"
Territory (in green) claimed and controlled by LPR as of July 2022
Territory (in green) claimed and controlled by LPR as of July 2022
Limited recognition Recognised by the United Nations as part of Ukraine
and largest city
Official languagesRussian[1]
GovernmentUnitary presidential republic
Puppet state of the Russian Federation
• Head
Leonid Pasechnik
LegislaturePeople's Council
De facto independence from Ukraine
27 April 2014
11 May 2014
21 February 2022
• Full control of claimed territory
3 July 2022[improper synthesis?]
30 September 2022
• Total
8,377 km2 (3,234 sq mi)
• 2017 estimate
CurrencyRussian ruble (most common); Ukrainian hryvnia (less common); euro, U.S. dollar (legal but rarely used) as of 2015[2]
Time zoneUTC+3[3]
Calling code+7 959[4][5][6]
Preceded by
Succeeded by

Luhansk People’s Republic was a partially recognised state in the Donbas region of Ukraine. When the War in Donbas started in 2014, a few hundred separatists proclaimed it in part of the Luhansk Oblast. Luhansk Oblast is to the east of Ukraine, at the Ukrainian border with Russia. Approximately at the same time, other rebels formed the Donetsk People's Republic in Donetsk Oblast. In both parts, there are many ethnic Russians. There was a claim that Russia helped start these unrecognized states. The country is loyal to Russia.

In 2022 Russia, Syria and DPRK officially recognised the state along with the Donetsk People's Republic, Abkhazia and South Ossetia.

In late 2022, the Luhansk People's Republic became a federal subject of Russia alongside three other occupied oblasts. Most of the international community agrees that Luhansk legally belongs to Ukraine.

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