M180 motorway

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Route information
Part of E22
Length25.5 mi (41.0 km)
HistoryConstructed 1977–79
Major junctions
Major intersectionsUK-Motorway-M18.svg
M18 motorway
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M181 motorway
CountryUnited Kingdom
Road network

The M180 is a motorway in England. It connects the M18 with Scunthorpe (through the M181) and Grimsby (through the A180). The motorway first opened in 1977. It is about 26 miles (42 km) long.[1]

Junctions[change | change source]

M180 motorway junctions
Westbound exits (B carriageway) Junction Eastbound exits (A carriageway) Coordinates
The SOUTH, Doncaster M18(S)
The NORTH, Leeds, Hull M18(N) (M62)
Doncaster North services
M18, J5
Start of motorway 53°35′31″N 0°59′00″W / 53.59200°N 0.98336°W / 53.59200; -0.98336 (M180, Start of motorway)
No access J1 Bawtry A18, (A614)
Doncaster Sheffield Airport interchange
53°35′31″N 0°58′12″W / 53.59189°N 0.97006°W / 53.59189; -0.97006 (M180, Junction 1)
Gainsborough A161 J2 Gainsborough, Goole A161 53°34′10″N 0°49′06″W / 53.56932°N 0.81822°W / 53.56932; -0.81822 (M180, Junction 2)
Scunthorpe M181 J3 Scunthorpe (W & C) M181 53°33′24″N 0°42′45″W / 53.55678°N 0.71257°W / 53.55678; -0.71257 (M180, Junction 3)
Lincoln A15
Scunthorpe A18
J4 Scunthorpe
Lincoln A15
Brigg A18
53°32′39″N 0°33′29″W / 53.54429°N 0.55799°W / 53.54429; -0.55799 (M180, Junction 4)
Start of motorway J5 Humber Bridge, Hull A15
Humberside Airport interchange A18
53°35′02″N 0°25′22″W / 53.58389°N 0.42272°W / 53.58389; -0.42272 (M180, Junction 5)
Humber Bridge, Hull A15
Brigg, Humberside Airport interchange A18
Non-motorway traffic
Road continues as A180

Grimsby A180
Immingham (A160)

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