M26 motorway

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M26 shield
M25 and M26 near Chevening and Chipstead - geograph.org.uk - 25228.jpg
The M26 as it joins the M25. The A21 is crossing above on the bridge.
Route information
Length9.9 mi (15.9 km)
Major junctions
West endChevening
Major intersections
M25 motorway Junction 5

M20 motorway Junction 3
East endAddington
CountryUnited Kingdom
Road network

The M26 is a short motorway in Kent, England. It links the M25 with the M20 for clockwise traffic near Sevenoaks. It is about 10 miles (16 km) long.[1]

Junctions[change | change source]

M26 motorway junctions
miles km Westbound exits (B carriageway) Junction Eastbound exits (A carriageway) Coordinates
0.0 0.0 Gatwick Airport M23
Heathrow Airport M4
Redhill A25
M25 J5 Start of motorway
Dartford Crossing, London (S.E.) M25.
Sevenoaks, Hastings A21
51°17′29″N 0°08′34″E / 51.29145°N 0.14282°E / 51.29145; 0.14282 (M23, Start of motorway (West))
Wrotham, Borough Green A20
Sevenoaks (A25)
Paddock Wood (B2016)
J2a Borough Green A25
Gravesend, Wrotham (A227)
51°18′07″N 0°20′06″E / 51.30207°N 0.33508°E / 51.30207; 0.33508 (M23, Junction 2a)
10.3 16.6 Start of motorway M20 J3 Road continues as M20 towards Maidstone 51°18′26″N 0°21′32″E / 51.30733°N 0.35877°E / 51.30733; 0.35877 (M23, Junction 2a)
  • Distances in kilometres and carriageway identifiers are taken from driver location signs/location marker posts. Where a junction goes across several hundred metres and the data is available, both the start and finish values for the junction are shown.
  • Coordinate data from ACME Mapper.
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi

References[change | change source]

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