Operation Restore Hope

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Operation Restore Hope
Part of the Somali Civil War
UNITAF AO Feb 1993.jpg
UNITAF Area of Operations, February 1993
Date9 December 1992 – 4 May 1993
(4 months, 3 weeks and 4 days)
Result Multinational success

 United Nations

United Somali Congress
Commanders and leaders
United Nations Boutros Boutros Ghali
United States George H. W. Bush
United States Bill Clinton
United States Robert B. Johnston (UNITAF)
Mohamed Farrah Aidid
Casualties and losses
43 killed
153 wounded[1] (Includes UNOSOM II casualties)
3 killed
36 wounded
1 killed
3 wounded[2]
3 killed
2+ wounded
1 killed
1 killed
Not known

The Operation Restore Hope was an operation of the United States and many of its allied countries in Somalia. The operation was protected by the United Nations. The United States was the leader of this operation. Somalia was in civil war and many people were dying from hunger in this country. The goal of this operation was creating suitable conditions and calming down the situation in Somalia for helping the Somali people who needed food in the southern part of this country.

After the killing of several Pakistani peacekeepers, the Security Council ordered the allied forces by the Resolution 837, that they can do anything for sending the humanitarian aid to the Somali people in accordance to Chapter VII of the United Nations Charter.[3] This operation was successful.[4]

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