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Po may mean:

  • Polonium, a chemical element
  • Po, the hero of the movie Kung Fu Panda
  • Po (Teletubby), one of the Teletubbies
  • , a town in Burkina Faso
  • Po, Asturias or Poo (until 2005), a parish of Llanes municipality, in Asturias, Spain
  • Po River, in Italy
  • Po River (Virginia), in the U.S. state of Virginia
  • .po, an abbreviation of Portable Object and filename extension of text translation files used in software localization
  • Po' boy (from "Poor Boy"), a type of submarine sandwich from New Orleans
  • an abbreviation for Chamber pot
  • Po!, an indie band from Leicester
  • Sally Po, a fictional character in the Anime series, "Gundam Wing"
  • pò (魄), the material manifestation of the soul according to Chinese belief

PO is also an acronym or abbreviation which may stand for: