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Roblox logo 2017.svg
Roblox's logo
Developer(s)Roblox Corporation
Publisher(s)Roblox Corporation
Director(s)David Baszucki
Platform(s)Microsoft Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, Xbox One, Oculus Rift, HTC Vive
ReleaseSeptember 2006
Genre(s)Game engine, Massive multiplayer online
Mode(s)Single-player, multiplayer

Roblox (stylized as ROBLOX) is a website and virtual sandbox where players make their own massively multiplayer online games for other players to play.[1][2] It was started by David Bazucki and Erik Cassel. The concept of Roblox was developed in 1997, and Roblox was founded in 2005 as "Dynablocks". Roblox publishes the players' games using the programming language called Lua. Players make their games using a simpler version of this program. Roblox was removed from the TrustE program.[3] It is listed in the Better Business Bureau with a poor rating.[4][5]

First appearing in the 2005 beta release of Roblox, the death sound has remained a staple element in it's 10+ year history. The sound effect triggers when a "Humanoid's" (the character models controlled by players) health reaches zero, out of a base maximum of 100. Since the worlds are created primarily by the players, this can be achieved by having the hitboxes assigned to the body parts of a Humanoid struck by tools that are purposefully coded to decrease the health (such as spike traps, or falling into the void of a map, for examples). Based on the speed of the humanoid, the sound effect would be changed. Players would attempt to make their characters move as fast as possible in the hopes of hearing the sound effect drastically pitch shifted.

On 26 February 2020, It was announced Roblox received $4 billion.[6]

History[change | change source]

2005[change | change source]

Roblox was originally called Dynablocks. Dynablocks was worked on from 2004 to 2005, but in 2004, only the developers and very few players could make its games. Dynablocks had two features: Build Mode and Challenge Mode. In May 2005, Dynablocks was renamed to its current name "Roblox". New features were added, including logging in and logging out, building more complex things, and special Roblox points. During this time, Roblox was only available in beta to certain players.

2006-2009[change | change source]

Roblox had another big change in 2006. In January 2006, Roblox removed their special points and made the multiplayer API, but the API was never used until March 2006. In February 2006, Roblox left beta and was made available to all players. In September 2006, Roblox made changes to the multiplayer API so that players could make their own multiplayer games for free instead of the developers making them.

In May 2007, the Roblox developers began making virtual items, and its first virtual item was a top hat. Roblox also started the Builders Club which is a paid membership.

Guest mode, which is for players that want to play Roblox without making an account, was introduced in 2008. Later, higher forms of the Builders Club (known as the Turbo Builders Club and the Outrageous Builders Club) were started in 2009.

2010[change | change source]

In 2010, the Roblox Studio was changed so that game developers could understand its functions easily.

2015-2016[change | change source]

In June 2015, Roblox released Smooth Terrain which made the terrain (such as sand, grass, water, etc.) more realistic. On 14 April 2016, Tix was removed.[7]

2017[change | change source]

In February 2017, Roblox has changed their logo. In October 2017, Roblox had removed guests from playing games, though occasionally they don’t have that update and they can still play that way.

2019[change | change source]

In 2019, Builders Club was replaced with Premium.[8]

Games and game passes[change | change source]

Roblox lets its players create their own games using its special program called Roblox Studio. Players on Roblox can build anything they please using the Studio and then publish their game to the Roblox website for everyone to play. If the player knows how to script, they can use it to change the game and make it perform in many different ways.

In some games, the creator may create game passes which will cost a certain amount of Robux (the virtual currency). The game pass is not needed to play the game, but if they buy it, they are usually given special benefits (e.g, DLC, In-game currency, More health).

Virtual items and currency[change | change source]

Players on Roblox can buy virtual items from the Catalog using virtual currency. This currency is obtained by selling items on Roblox, or by logging in daily if a player has a Builders Club. There is only one currency called Robux (R$), which can only be obtained by purchasing Builders Club (a membership), buying a Robux card from certain shops, or using a credit card or PayPal on the Roblox website. Robux is used to buy items such as Gear (tools to use in-game such as swords and musical instruments) and Hats. In the Character page, players can change their clothing and customize their character as they please. All the virtual items that a player bought from the catalog appear here. Roblox sometimes gives away free hats during special events.

Another form of currency that was discontinued were the Tix (Tickets). All players could get a few Tix each day they log into Roblox, and trade those tix in to get Robux. The Tix were removed from the game in March 2016.

Membership[change | change source]

Builders Club is Roblox's membership club which can only be joined through a purchase. Builders Club gives its members more features in Roblox, such as earning more of its currency called Robux and also giving the ability to trade. There are three types of Builders Club: Classic, Turbo, and Outrageous. Classic is the original Builders Club type and Outrageous is the newest. You can either buy it monthly, or annually.

In 2019, Roblox's Builder's Club membership was removed and replaced with Premium. This had no different types or the benefit of earning more Robux. What it gave access to was selling Limited items (buy-able and sell-able items on the Avatar Shop) as well as trading them. You can also buy this membership through monthly or annual payments.

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