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Roblox Red 2017 Logo.png
Developer(s) ROBLOX Corporation
Distributor(s) ROBLOX Corporation
Engine ROBLOX Rendering
Platform(s) Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, iPad 2+, iPhone 4+, iPod touch 5th generation, Android. Fire OS,[1] Xbox One,[2] Oculus Rift[3]
Release date(s) 2004
(as Dynablocks, Private Alpha)
2005 (Public beta)
2006 (public release)
Genre(s) MMORPG, physics-based sandbox game
Mode(s) Multiplayer, Singleplayer

ROBLOX is a massively multiplayer online game and virtual sandbox designed for children aged 8-18. ROBLOX was founded in 2004 as "Dynablox". Players in ROBLOX can build games and share them with other players. [4][5] ROBLOX users can use Lua 5.1; to help build the places they create they use a simple version of Lua 5.1.[6] As of now, ROBLOX has been removed from the TrustE program[7]. It is listed in the Better Business Bureau with a poor rating.[8][9]

Games[change | change source]

ROBLOX lets users create their own games using their game creation program called ROBLOX Studio. ROBLOX Players (also called ROBLOXians) can build anything they please using Studio and then upload their game to ROBLOX website for everyone to play. If the player knows how to 'script', they can add in their own code to change the game and make it perform in many different ways.

Virtual Items[change | change source]

ROBLOXians can buy virtual items from the Catalog using virtual currency. This currency is obtained by logging in daily when one has a form Builders Club or by selling items. There is just one currency called ROBUX (also called R$). Tickets (also called as Tix) were another currency with Robux before they were removed in March 2016. ROBUX is a premium currency and can only be obtained by purchasing Builders Club (a membership), buying a ROBUX card from a local shop (such as GAME, Sainsbury's or Toys 'R' Us in the UK; and CVS, Target and Best Buy in the US) or using a credit card or PayPal on the ROBLOX website. ROBUX is more commonly used when buying items such as Gear (tools to use in-game such as swords and musical instruments) and Hats. The Character page allows the ROBLOXian to change his/her clothing and customize their character as they please. All items bought from the catalog appear here. ROBLOX sometimes gives free hats in games during special events.

Upgrades[change | change source]

Builders Club is ROBLOX's premium service. Builders Club (BC) gives its members more features and privileges. There are three types of BC: Classic, Turbo, and Outrageous. Classic is the original BC and Outrageous are the newest. Other upgrades include buying ROBUX.

Game Passes[change | change source]

In some games, the creator may create game passes which will cost a certain amount of Robux (the virtual currency). However, if they buy it will give them an advantage. (sometimes it may also be donations.).

Wiki[change | change source]

The ROBLOX Wiki is where new players can learn to play, build and script. There are many tutorials and references that people will find extremely helpful. Here's a list of recommended links:

The links above should assist all new users and their parents.

History[change | change source]

Dynablocks and ROBLOX in 2005[change | change source]

ROBLOX in 2004 was called (the .com was in the logo until August 2004) Dynablocks was worked on from 2004 to 2005 but in 2004 only the developers could play it, aside from a few normal users. Dynablocks consisted of 2 features: Build Mode and Challenge Mode. Dynablocks changed its name in May 2005 and was called ROBLOX and the ROBLOX admins made a range of new features like: signing in, signing out, building more complex things, and ROBLOX points. During 2005 the website gained over 60 new players over the entire year although the website was invite-only because it was in beta.

ROBLOX 2006-2009[change | change source]

ROBLOX in 2006 had a massive change. In January of 2006, ROBLOX removed ROBLOX points and made the multiplayer API but never used it until March 2006. In February of 2006, ROBLOX was made public. In March of 2006, ROBLOX used the Multiplayer API to make multiplayer games. In September of 2006, ROBLOX made changes to the Multiplayer API and made a feature that made people able to make multiplayer games for free instead of ROBLOX admins making the games.

ROBLOX in May 2007 made it so admins could make virtual items, the first virtual item was a top-hat. [1] ROBLOX also made Builders Club which is a paid membership.

ROBLOX in 2008 was when guests (people who don't make accounts on ROBLOX) was released and ever since guests have gained a lot of criticism among the community.

ROBLOX in 2009 added TBC and OBC which is a much more VIP-like membership than BC.

ROBLOX 2010-Today[change | change source]

In 2010, ROBLOX made its ROBLOX Studio more developer-friendly.

In December of 2014, ROBLOX made sponsored events and it caused quite a few people to get angry.

In June of 2015, ROBLOX released Smooth Terrain which made the terrain (such as sand, grass, water, etc.) more realistic.

Egg Hunt 2016 was the first non-sponsored event in 2 years, and it was received well from the users.

In 2016, ROBLOX removed its secondary currency named "Tix"

References[change | change source]