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This is a customized {{Navbox}} metatemplate, resembling {{Navbox with columns}}, that enables the display of data – usually a single wikilink – beside an abbreviation (also wikilinked) for each of the provinces (and, optionally, territories) of Canada. For examples of templates that use this template, see this template's WhatLinksHere and search for instances of "Template:" in the list provided.

Pro forma[change source]

Currently, the only required parameters for this template are name (the template's name that follows "Template:") and title.

In addition to the parameters listed below, the template also handles the titlestyle, above, abovestyle, below and belowstyle parameters common to {{Navbox}}es.

{{Canadian provinces navbox with columns
|name   = 
|title  = 
|prefix = 
|suffix = 

|AB = 
|BC = 
|MB = 
|NB = 
|NL = 
|NS = 
|ON = 
|PE = 
|QC = 
|SK = 

|NT = 
|NU = 
|YT = 

Notes[change source]

Use to specify anything required to precede a state's common name in order to create a wikilink for that state's abbreviation. For example, "List of lieutenant governors of" (without quotes) for List of lieutenant governors of Ontario, List of lieutenant governors of Quebec, etc.
As above, except to follow a state's common name. For example, "Superior Court" (without quotes) for Ontario Superior Court, Quebec Superior Court, etc.

The prefix and suffix parameters are not mutually exclusive, i.e. both can and may need to be used to create a working wikilink format. It may also be necessary to create one or more redirects to articles whose names use a different format.

The "Territories" subheading and list of three territories only appear if at least one of the NT (Northwest Territory), NU (Nunavut) and YT (Yukon) parameters is used.

For a list identifying the two-letter state abbreviations, as used by the Canada Post, see this list of provinces.

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