Tottori Prefecture

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Tottori Prefecture
Japanese: 鳥取県
Map of Japan with Tottori highlighted
Capital Tottori (city)
Region Chūgoku
Island Honshu
Governor Shinji Hirai
Area (rank) 3,507.19 km² (41st)
 - % water 0.7%
Population  (April 1, 2011)
 - Population 584,982 (47th)
 - Density 166.89 /km²
Districts 5
Municipalities 19
ISO 3166-2 JP-31
Prefectural Symbols
 - Flower Nijisseiki nashi pear blossom (Pyrus pyrifolia)
 - Tree Daisenkyaraboku (Taxus cuspidata)
 - Bird Mandarin Duck (Aix galericulata)
 - Fish {{{Fish}}}
Symbol of Tottori Prefecture
Symbol of Tottori Prefecture
Emblem of Tottori Prefecture.svg

Tottori Prefecture (鳥取県, Tottori-ken) is a Japanese prefecture in the Chūgoku region of the island of Honshu.[1] The capital is the city of Tottori.[2] It is the least populous prefecture in Japan.

History[change | change source]

Before the Meiji Restoration, Tottori encompassed the old provinces of Hōki and Inaba.[3]

Geography[change | change source]

The northern coastline of Tottori faces the Sea of Japan. Its eastern border meets Hyōgo Prefecture. The southern border meets Okayama Prefecture and Hiroshima Prefecture. The western border meets Shimane Prefecture.

Cities[change | change source]

Four cities are located in Tottori Prefecture:

National Parks[change | change source]

National Parks are established in about 14% of the total land area of the prefecture.[4]

Shrines and Temples[change | change source]

Ubi jinjū and Shitori jinja are the chief Shinto shrines (ichinomiya) in the prefecture.[5]

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