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This is a list of all the Religion-based articles that need to be looked at; it is intended as a means of exchange, to guide those editors coming here from other Wikipedias. Don't be afraid to add things here, or change things. But please use a registered username. If you do not regularly edit here, tell us on your user page how you can be contacted.

Thanks.--Eptalon (talk) 20:14, 15 July 2008 (UTC)

Christianity[change | change source]

In general, we are not very good at covering early Christian movements (like those that started before the Protestant Reformation). This includes those movements that split during the first four ecumenical councils (i.e. until that of Chalcedon, in AD 491):

Completely unrelated to that:

  • Old Believers (which did not accept the Changes Patriarch Nikon made to the Orthodox rite)
  • Maronite Church (the Catholics in the place where the Assyrian Church of the East is?)
  • Catharism - The section aobut what they actually thought (their teachings; insofar they are know) is pretty illegible.

Judaism[change | change source]

Islam[change | change source]

Most of our Islam-related articles are in what I would consider a very bad state;

Buddhism[change | change source]

No idea there; see Buddhism and Category:Buddhism (I really cannot help there; though any improvements would be appreciated)

Shintoism[change | change source]

Other religious movements[change | change source]