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Tawhid is the concept of God in Islam which says that only one God exists. It says that God is unique and one and He has no equal. It also says that since the God is the only creator, there is no room for lesser Gods or deities. Any lesser gods are therefore false. Tawhid is an essential part of Islam. To become a Muslim it is necessary to accept it. The concept of Tawhid has many implications. Since God is the only power, both good and bad flow from God. So, whatever good or bad occurs to an individual, both are from God and both should be accepted by people. Since God is the only power worth worshiping, reliance on any other source for help is not permissible.

The Quran explains the nature of God thus in Chapter 112:

Say: He is God the Only; God the Indivisible; He gives not birth, nor is He begotten, and He is, in Himself, not dependent on anything.


Associating any other thing or person as being comparable to God is called shirk in Islam. This is the only sin in Islam which cannot be forgiven by God, unless a person turns repentant on Earth. The Koran tells Muslims to not say "trinity" spoken by Christians. It also says that Jesus did not claim to be anything more than a human being, whom God chose as a prophet like other before him.