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Twenty-four flags.

Flag of Austria.svgAustria Flag of Belgium.svgBelgium Flag of Belize.svgBelize Flag of Bulgaria.svgBulgaria
Flag of Denmark.svgDenmark Flag of Egypt.svgEgypt Flag of France.svgFrance Flag of Germany.svgGermany
Flag of Guatemala.svgGuatemala Flag of Ireland.svgRepublic of Ireland Flag of Italy.svgItaly Flag of Kenya.svgKenya
Flag of Malawi.svgMalawi Flag of Mexico.svgMexico Flag of Morocco.svgMorocco Flag of the Netherlands.svgThe Netherlands
Flag of Portugal.svgPortugal Flag of Seychelles.svgThe Seychelles Flag of Slovenia.svgSlovenia Flag of Spain.svgSpain
Flag of Sweden.svgSweden Flag of the United Kingdom.svgThe United Kingdom Flag of the United States.svgThe United States Flag of Zimbabwe.svgZimbabwe

Wikipedia can be read and changed in all these countries and more.