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Wall-E is a 2008 American animated movie created by Pixar and Disney. It was released on June 27, 2008 by Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures.[1]

Release Dates[change | change source]

Country Premiere
 Bolivia June 26, 2008
 Chile June 26, 2008
 Brazil June 27, 2008
 Colombia June 27, 2008
 Costa Rica June 27, 2008
 Honduras June 27, 2008
 Panama June 27, 2008
 El Salvador June 27, 2008
 United States June 27, 2008
 Uruguay June 27, 2008
 Kuwait July 3, 2008
 Kazakhstan July 3, 2008
 Russia July 3, 2008
 Ukraine July 3, 2008
Mexico Mexico July 4, 2008
 Argentina July 9, 2008
 Israel July 11, 2008
 United Kingdom July 18, 2008
Republic of Ireland Ireland July 18, 2008
 Lithuania July 18, 2008
 Poland July 18, 2008
 Hong Kong July 24, 2008
 Hungary July 24, 2008
 Peru July 24, 2008
 Belgium July 30, 2008
  Switzerland July 30, 2008 (French speaking region)
 France July 30, 2008
 Iceland July 30, 2008
 Netherlands July 30, 2008
 Egypt August 6, 2008
 Spain August 6, 2008
 South Korea August 6, 2008
 Croatia August 7, 2008
 Latvia August 8, 2008
 Venezuela August 8, 2008
 Thailand August 12, 2008
 Indonesia August 13, 2008
 Philippines August 13, 2008
 Czech Republic August 14, 2008
Malaysia Malaysia August 14, 2008
 Portugal August 14, 2008
 Slovakia August 14, 2008
 Estonia August 15, 2008
 Serbia August 28, 2008
 Singapore August 28, 2008
 Slovenia August 28, 2008
 Denmark August 29, 2008
 India August 29, 2008
 Norway August 29, 2008
 Bulgaria September 5, 2008
 Finland September 5, 2008
 Romania September 5, 2008
 Sweden September 5, 2008
 Australia September 18, 2008
 Greece September 18, 2008
 New Zealand September 18, 2008
 Austria September 25, 2008
  Switzerland September 25, 2008 (German speaking region)
 Germany September 25, 2008
 Turkey September 26, 2008
 Italy October 17, 2008
 Japan December 5, 2008

Plot[change | change source]

In the far future, Earth has been covered with trash. Humans have decided to leave in a huge ship called the Axiom and will return when the planet is better. They have built hundreds of domestic robots called "WALL-Es" to make the trash into blocks and put it away to try to clean up the planet. One WALL-E is the last one that is still working, and spends his days cleaning trash up and putting away little things that he likes to play around with, like tapes, lights and Rubik's cubes.

One day, a rocket lands on Earth. Another robot named "EVE" comes out. She is looking for signs of life. WALL-E attempts to become romantic with her by following her around. She does not seem to like WALL-E much at first, but later changes her mind. He invites her into his home, where he shows her an old Hello Dolly tape where people are dancing. When WALL-E shows her a plant that he found, she takes it and abruptly turns off. She does not respond to WALL-E. WALL-E protects her body from different dangers, such as sandstorms. He even takes her out on a date. After a couple of days, the same rocket comes down and another robot picks EVE up. WALL-E catches the outside of the ship and is blasted into space. The rocket then docks with the huge ship, the Axiom.

The viewer then gets a look at how life has changed on the ship. All people sit in chairs and are very fat because they do not exercise and due to how a lack of gravity destroys their muscles. All robots do most of the work. EVE is sent to the Captain's pad. If plant life is found, the ship will turn back to Earth. However, by the time she arrives in the captain's area, the plant is gone.

She and WALL-E (who has followed her) are then sent to another area to be repaired. During the repair, WALL-E thinks the robots are killing EVE, so he breaks out and destroys the security system. As a result, all the robots cause trouble. EVE is mad at WALL-E and tries to send him away on a rocket. But then they see the bad robot who took the plant. His name is "Gopher". The bad robot puts the plant in the rocket and sets it to explode. WALL-E is on the rocket when it launches. EVE chases after him. WALL-E escapes the rocket one second before it explodes. He also saved the plant. EVE is so happy that she gives WALL-E a kiss. The kiss makes an electric spark. They dance with each other outside in space; EVE can fly, and WALL-E uses a fire extinguisher he took from the rocket to get around.

The two of them go back to the Captain's area. The Captain watches videos EVE took of Earth. These videos also show WALL-E protecting EVE and taking her out on a date. EVE falls in love with WALL-E by watching this. The Captain wants to go back to Earth to fix the planet. However, the main robot named "Auto" says they can not go home. When the Captain asks why, Auto shows a video where the president said that Earth was too dirty for humans to return, and to keep piloting the ship forever around space. The captain refuses. Gopher takes the plant again. He throws it down a garbage shaft, but WALL-E catches it. Auto shocks WALL-E and sends him down the garbage shaft. Auto then turns EVE off and throws her down the shaft. Auto locks the Captain in his room.

EVE turns on in a big area where the ship's garbage is sent into space. She finds WALL-E and finds he is badly hurt. WALL-E tells EVE that he has parts that can fix him on Earth. WALL-E and EVE try to get the ship to go back to Earth. But Auto hurts WALL-E even more by crushing him with a machine. The Captain stands up and turns off Auto. The ship returns to Earth. EVE fixes WALL-E, but he does not remember who EVE is. EVE is sad and thinks WALL-E is gone forever. She gives him another kiss. The kiss makes another spark. The spark makes WALL-E remember EVE. WALL-E and EVE are happy. The humans step out of the ship on Earth and begin fixing the planet.

Cast[change | change source]

References[change | change source]

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