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List of Pixar shorts

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Beginning with Pixar's second film A Bug's Life, all subsequent Pixar feature films, except Coco, have been shown in theaters along with a Pixar-created original short film, known as a "short." Other Pixar shorts, released only on home media, were created to showcase what Pixar has technologically in their works.

Shorts[change | change source]

Original[change | change source]

Title Year Director(s) Initial release with Academy Award for Best Animated Short Film
Theatrical Home[1]
The Adventures of André & Wally B.[a] 1984 Alvy Ray Smith
Luxo Jr. 1986 John Lasseter Toy Story 2[2] Nominated
Red's Dream 1987
Tin Toy 1988 Toy Story Won
Knick Knack 1989 Finding Nemo[3]
Geri's Game 1997 Jan Pinkava A Bug's Life Won
For the Birds 2000 Ralph Eggleston Monsters, Inc.
Boundin' 2003 Bud Luckey The Incredibles Nominated
One Man Band 2005 Andrew Jimenez and Mark Andrews Cars
Lifted 2006 Gary Rydstrom Ratatouille
Presto 2008 Doug Sweetland WALL-E
Partly Cloudy 2009 Peter Sohn Up
Day & Night 2010 Teddy Newton Toy Story 3 Nominated
La Luna[4] 2011 Enrico Casarosa Brave
The Blue Umbrella[5] 2013 Saschka Unseld Monsters University
Lava[6] 2014 James Ford Murphy Inside Out
Sanjay's Super Team[7] 2015 Sanjay Patel The Good Dinosaur Nominated
Piper[8] 2016 Alan Barillaro Finding Dory Won
Lou[9] 2017 Dave Mullins Cars 3 Nominated
Bao[10] 2018 Domee Shi Incredibles 2 Won

Feature-related[change | change source]

Title Year Director(s) Initial release with Academy Award for Best Animated Short Film
Theatrical Home[b]
Mike's New Car 2002 Pete Docter and Roger L. Gould Monsters, Inc. Nominated
Jack-Jack Attack 2005 Brad Bird The Incredibles
Mater and the Ghostlight 2006 John Lasseter Cars
Your Friend the Rat 2007 Jim Capobianco Ratatouille
BURN-E 2008 Angus MacLane WALL-E
Dug's Special Mission 2009 Ronnie del Carmen Up
George and A.J. Josh Cooley
The Legend of Mor'du[11] 2012 Brian Larsen Brave
Party Central[12] 2013 Kelsey Mann Muppets Most Wanted
Riley's First Date?[13][14][15][16] 2015 Josh Cooley Inside Out
Marine Life Interviews 2016 Ross Haldane Stevenson Finding Dory
Miss Fritter's Racing Skoool[17] 2017 James Ford Murphy Cars 3
Auntie Edna[18] 2018 Ted Mathot Incredibles 2

Notes[change | change source]

  1. Produced by The Graphics Group, a subsidiary of Lucasfilm which would later become Pixar.
  2. Non-compilation

Short series[change | change source]

Cars Toons[change | change source]

Mater's Tall Tales[change | change source]

Title Year Director(s) Premiered
Rescue Squad Mater 2008 John Lasseter Toon Disney
Mater the Greater
El Materdor
Tokyo Mater[19] Theatrical with Bolt
Unidentified Flying Mater 2009 Disney Channel
Monster Truck Mater 2010
Heavy Metal Mater
Moon Mater[20] Rob Gibbs DVD+Blu-ray with Mater's Tall Tales
Mater Private Eye[21]
Air Mater[22] 2011 DVD+Blu-ray with Cars 2
Time Travel Mater[23] 2012 Disney Channel

Tales from Radiator Springs[change | change source]

Title Year Director(s) Premiered
Hiccups 2013 Jeremy Lasky Disney Channel
The Radiator Springs 500½ 2014 Rob Gibbs and Scott Morse Disney Movies Anywhere

Toy Story Toons[change | change source]

Title Year Director(s) Premiered
Hawaiian Vacation[24][25] 2011 Gary Rydstrom Theatrical with Cars 2
Small Fry[26] Angus MacLane Theatrical with The Muppets
Partysaurus Rex[27] 2012 Mark Walsh Theatrical with Finding Nemo 3D

SparkShorts[change | change source]

Title Year Director(s) Premiered
Purl[28][29] 2019 Kristen Lester YouTube
Smash and Grab[30][31][29] Brian Larsen
Kitbull[29] Rosana Sullivan
Loop[29] Erica Milsom Disney+
Wind[29] Edwin Chang
Float[29] Bobby Rubio

Television specials[change | change source]

Title Year Director(s) Network
Toy Story of Terror![32][33] 2013 Angus MacLane ABC
Toy Story That Time Forgot[34] 2014 Steve Purcell

Compilations[change | change source]

Compilation title Release date Format
Tiny Toy Stories October 29, 1996 VHS
Pixar Short Films Collection, Volume 1 November 6, 2007 DVD, Blu-ray, Digital download
Cars Toons: Mater's Tall Tales November 2, 2010
Pixar Short Films Collection, Volume 2 November 13, 2012
Pixar Short Films Collection, Volume 3 November 13, 2018

Other work[change | change source]

Title Year Commissioned for
Blowin' in the Wind 1985
Beach Chair 1986
Flags and Waves
Volume Visualization with the Pixar Image Computer 1987
Dance of the Waterlilies 1989 Toppan Printing
Wake Up Tropicana
Babies 1990 Life Savers
Galaxy Toppan Printing
Dancing Cards California Lottery
Quite a Package Trident
La Nouvelle Polo Volkswagen
Pump Pillsbury
Light & Heavy and Surprise Sesame Street
Boxer Listerine
Cracks 1991 Fleischmann's
Moving Target Cellular One
Gummie Savers Conga-Clio-award winner Life Savers
Life At The Beach
Orange Kiwi Passion Tropicana
Three Fruits Dancing
Grand Opening Toys "R" Us
Lunchbox Tetra Pak
Knight Listerine
Introduction Apple Mac Classic
Interview 1992 Volkswagen Polo
Swinging Bottle Listerine
Daydream Tetra Pak
Balloon Kellogg's All-Bran
Logo IBM
Chomp Chomp IncrediBites[citation needed]
Ladybug La Poste
In the Mood Bunn Coffee Makers
Cello 1993 Kellogg's All-Bran
Front and Back and Up and Down Sesame Street
Hungry Bank South[citation needed]
Stranded Tetra Pak
Bursting Carefree
Chuckling Straws Fresca
Launching Magic Jordan Magic Toothbrush[citation needed]
Ideas at Work Dow Corning
Arrows-Clio-award winner 1994 Listerine
Kaleidoscope Coca-Cola
About to Uncover Arm & Hammer
Here, There and Everywhere
Woman Getting What She Wants Levi's
We've Got Taste Nutri Grain
Wacky Frootz-Clio-award winner Life Savers
Fresh Salad Boston Chicken
Shaping Up Nicely Prime Option Credit Card[citation needed]
Strong Option
Logo Paramount Pictures
Disney Videos Buena Vista Home Video
Balloon 1995 Chips Ahoy
Flamingo Ortho
Pinheads Dockers
Amazin' Straws Hershey's
Learning Lesson Coca-Cola
Secret Weapon
Pin Box
Toy Story video game commercial Disney Interactive
Art Store Break McDonald's
Christmas Conga Tower Records
Magic Desktop 1996 Sun Microsystems
Magnets-Clio-award winner Hallmark
Check Me Out Twizzlers
Let Me In
68th Academy Awards (Toy Story segment) Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences
The Tastetations Hershey's
Toy Story CD-Rom – "Out of the Box" Disney Interactive
Wild Frijoles Rosarita[citation needed]
Shake It Levi's Jeans for Women
Toy Story Treats ABC
Look Away 1997 Nickelodeon & UNICEF
Moo Can THX
Logo 1998 Buena Vista Home Video/Entertainment
A Bug's Life – "Belt Loop 1" McDonald's
A Bug's Life – "Belt Loop 2"
A Bug's Life – "Big Toys"
A Bug's Life – "Nothing Good on TV"
A Bug's Life – "Nothing Good on TV Jr."
A Bug's Life – "Ponkickies" 1999 Gachapin
71st Academy Awards (A Bug's Life segment) Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences
Toy Story 2 – "Up Periscope" McDonald's
Toy Story 2 – "Remote"
Toy Story 2 – "Toys vs. Candy"
Toy Story 2 – "Surveillance"
Toy Story 2 Bumpers ABC
Toy Story 2 Monday Night Football
Toy Story 2 – "Ponkickies" Gachapin
72nd Academy Awards (Toy Story 2 segment) 2000 Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences
Jessie's Acceptance Speech Cowgirl Hall of Fame
SIGGRAPH 2001 Opening Video (Buzz Lightyear sequence) 2001 SIGGRAPH
Logo Walt Disney Home Entertainment
Disney DVD Intro
Monsters, Inc. Bumpers ABC
Monsters, Inc. Monday Night Football
Monsters, Inc. — "Happy Meal Toy" McDonald's
Monsters, Inc. — "Ponkickies" Gachapin
Buzz Blasts 2002 Kellogg's
Disney Cereal — "CDs" (Buzz Lightyear sequence)
Finding Nemo — "Ponkickies" 2003 Gachapin
Finding Nemo — "Laugh" McDonald's
The Incredibles — "Happy Meal Toys" 2004
The Incredibles — "SBC YAHOO!" YAHOO!
Vowellett – An Essay by Sarah Vowell 2005 The Incredibles two-disc collector's edition DVD set
Disney DVD New Intro Walt Disney Home Entertainment
Tex Action 2006 THX
Cars — "Happy Meal Toys" McDonald's
Cars — "State Farm" State Farm
Cars — "Walmart" Walmart
Cars — "Hertz" Hertz
Cars — "Opel Promotion 1" Opel
Cars — "Opel Promotion 2"
Cars — "AT&T Yahoo Broadband" AT&T
Cars — "Energizer" Energizer
Wal-Mart Exclusive Cars DVD 2-pack Advertisement Wal-Mart
Ratatouille — "Nissan Note" 2007 Nissan
Monster Moo Can 2009 THX
Up — "Aflac" Aflac
Toy Story 3 2010 USPS
Toy Story 3 — "Target" Target
Toy Story 3 — "Visa" Visa
Toy Story 3 — "Aflac" Aflac
Toy Story's Search Story Google
Toy Story The Third Dimension Dolby
Cars 2 — "Mom on a Mission" 2011 Target
Cars 2 — "State Farm" State Farm
Cars 2 — "V12 TV" V12 TV
Cars 2 — "RTS" Russian Traffic Safety
Cars 2 — "Profil Plus" / "Answer Seguros" Profil Plus
Publicité Oscaro Cars 2 pour l'émission Tout le sport Oscaro
Oscaro.com , partenaire de la saga Cars Oscaro
Mater Sheds Some Lights at Cars Land 2012 Cars Land
Cars Land Opening Day
Mater Bells
Monsters University — "Mess" 2013 Swiffer
Toy Story of Terror! — "Sky" Sky UK
Toy Story That Time Forgot — "Sky" 2014
Inside Out — "Clorox" 2015 Clorox
Inside Out — "State Farm" State Farm
Inside Out — "Sky" Sky UK
Inside Out — "Lunch" Subway
88th Academy Awards (Woody and Buzz segment) 2016 Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences
Cars 3 — "Alamo Promo Ad" 2017 Alamo Rent a Car
Cars 3 — "Broken Part" Allianz
Cars 3 — "Die neue Allianz Autoversicherung" Allianz
Cars 3 — "Every Car Has a Personality" Autotrader.com
Cars 3 — "Sun Protection" Coppertone
Cars 3 — "Duracell Breaking News" Duracell
Cars 3 x Oscaro Oscaro
Incredibles 2 — "Sky" 2018 Sky UK
Incredibles 2 — "Happy Meal" McDonald's
Toy Story 4 — "Happy Meal" 2019
Toy Story 4 — "Dance Party" Chrysler Pacifica
Toy Story 4 — "Snack Attack" Babybel
Toy Story 4 Seiban
Toy Story 4 2
Toy Story 4 — "Make Joy Happen" JD.com
Toy Story 4 AR Regal Cinemas
Pixar: 30 Years of Art & Animation Vivid Sydney
Halloween Time at the Disneyland Resort Disneyland Resort
Onward — "Happy Meal" 2020 McDonald's
Onward Whirlpool Corporation
Soul Allianz
Soul — "Happy Meal" McDonald's
Luca — "Happy Meal" 2021
Lightyear — "Happy Meal" 2022
Elemental — "Happy Meal" 2023

The Pixar Co-op Program, a part of the Pixar University professional development program, allows their animators to use Pixar resources to produce independent films.

Some of their Co-op work includes:

Co-op Program[change | change source]

Title Year Director(s) Premiered
The Dam Keeper 2014 Robert Kondo and Daisuke Tsutsumi 64th Berlin International Film Festival
Borrowed Time 2016 Andrew Coats and Lou Hamou-Lhadj Austin Film Festival
Weekends 2017 Trevor Jimenez Warsaw International Film Festival
Automaton 2020 Krzysztof Rost SIGGRAPH
Pete 2022 Brett Parker Tribeca Film Festival
Starling 2023 Mitra Shahidi Tribeca Film Festival

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