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Yoshkar-Ola (Russian: Йошкар-Ола; Mari: Йошкар-Ола) is the capital city of the Mari El Republic, Russia. 248,782 people lived in the city in 2010.

Yoshkar-Ola is the capital of the Mari El Republic in western Russia. In the city center, the National Art Gallery hosts changing exhibits in a Renaissance-style building. The Museum of the History of Yoshkar-Ola displays military artifacts and folk art in a former merchant’s house. The green-domed Cathedral of the Resurrection of Christ is nearby. The riverside Republican Puppet Theater resembles a medieval castle.

It used to be named Tsaryovokokshaysk (Царёвококшайск) before 1919, as Krasnokokshaysk (Краснококшайск) between 1919 and 1927

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