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Saransk (English)
Саранск (Russian)
Саранош (Moksha)
Саран ош  (Erzya)
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View of Saransk
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Coat of Arms of Saransk.svg
Flag of Saransk.svg
Coat of arms
City DayJune 12
Administrative status (as of May 2014)
Federal subjectRepublic of Mordovia
Administratively subordinated tocity of republic significance of Saransk
Capital ofRepublic of Mordovia
Administrative center ofcity of republic significance of Saransk
Municipal status (as of March 2010)
Urban okrugSaransk Urban Okrug
Administrative center ofSaransk Urban Okrug
Head of AdministrationPyotr Tultayev
Representative bodyCouncil of Deputies
Area383 km2 (148 sq mi)[1]
Population (2010 Census,
297,415 inhabitants[2]
Rank in 201064th
Density777/km2 (2,012/sq mi)[3]
Time zoneMSK (UTC+04:00)
City status since1780
Postal code(s)430000–430013, 430015–430019, 430021, 430023–430025, 430027, 430028, 430030–430034, 430700, 430899, 430950, 995300
Dialing code(s)+7 8342
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Saransk (Russian: Саранск; Moksha: Саранош) is the capital city of the Republic of Mordovia, Russia. In 2010 there were 297,415 people living there.

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Saransk is twinned with:

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