Bucha massacre

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Bucha massacre
Part of the Battle of Bucha, Kyiv offensive, 2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine
Destroyed car in Bucha, with a dead person inside (April 2, 2022)
LocationBucha, Kyiv Oblast, Ukraine
DateMarch 2022
TargetUkrainian civilians in Bucha
Deaths300+ (According to Ukraine)[1][2][3]
Perpetrators(According to Ukraine, denied by Russia)*  Russia

Bucha massacre is the name for a number of war crimes[6] what was in the Ukrainian city of Bucha in 2022, during the Battle of Bucha (see Kyiv offensive), during the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Claims[change | change source]

By Ukraine[change | change source]

Ukrainian authorities said that more than 300 inhabitants of the city had been killed,[1][2][3] and described the massacre as a genocide.[7] They asked the International Criminal Court (ICC) to investigate what had happened in Bucha.[8]

By Russia[change | change source]

Russian authorities denied any wrongdoing and said some footage (or video) and photographs of corpses (dead bodies) were false flag or "provocation" by Ukrainian police or territorial militia. And that some specific footage was a "staged performance" by Ukrainian authorities, who entered Bucha days before any reports of bodies.[9]

Victims[change | change source]

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Satellite imagery analysis published by The New York Times

At least 20[10] corpses in civilian clothing were found (by journalists), in city streets, after the Russian army left and within three days of the Ukrainian army entered Bucha. There is suspicion that many of those dead people had been massacred by Russians and that the killings were war crimes. Some of the dead people had their hands tied.[11] Some of the dead people, were burned after they were killed.[12]

After the Battle of Bucha[change | change source]

On March 31, the mayor of Bucha (Anatol Fedoruk) said on social media that foreign armed forces were no longer in Bucha.[10]

Before noon on April 3, the first journalists went into the city (after the Battle of Bucha).[10]

Ukrainian intelligence published a list of Russian military personnel (including soldiers); Ukrainian authorities thinks that those Russians were in Bucha, while the events of the Bucha massacre happened; "The list, published on the website of the Ministry of Defense, included the names, dates of birth, passport numbers and ranks of about 2,000 servicemen [including soldiers]", media said on April 4, 2022.[13]

On April 4, the President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelenskyy, visited the streets of Bucha.[14]

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