Crozet Islands

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King penguins at Port Alfred on Possession Island
Map of the Crozet Islands

The Crozet Islands (French: Iles Crozet or Archipel Crozet) are a group of islands in the Indian Ocean. The islands are very far away. It is about 3,000 kilometres (1,900 mi) from Mauritius. The only place where people live on the islands is at Alfred Faure (Port Alfred).[1]

There are many islands that are a part of the Crozet Islands such as:[2]

Many animals can be found on the islands like penguins, seabirds, and seals. Different kinds of penguin live on the islands like macaroni penguins, gentoo penguins, king penguins, and rockhopper penguins. Some seabirds that can be found on the island are the Crozet shag, wandering albatross, and many kinds of petrels.[3]

There are some plants on the islands, but not a lot. There is mostly grass, moss, and lichen.[3]

The islands were found in 1772 and was used for seal hunting for a lot of its history until it was made a nature reserve.[1]

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