Eurovision Song Contest 1993

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The Eurovision Song Contest 1993 was the 38th edition of the Eurovision Song Contest. It was held in Millstreet, Ireland after their win in the previous contest. The show was held on 15 May 1993 and was hosted by Fionnula Sweeney (an Irish reporter).

Pre-selection[change | change source]

Countries in the pre-selection

Due to many new countries being formed in Eastern Europe, mainly because of the fall of Yugoslavia, there were too many countries applying to be in the 1993 contest.

As such, a pre-selection contest held in Ljubljana was created, where the three highest-scoring Eastern countries were allowed to participate in the 1993 contest.

It was titled Kvalifikacija za Millstreet (translates to: Preselection for Millstreet). Seven countries took part in the contest.

The winners were decided by voting from music experts (called the jury). There was one jury from each participating country. Each juror awarded twelve points to their favourite entry, followed by ten points to their second favourite, and then awarded points in decreasing value from eight to five for the remaining songs, excluding the entry from their own country.

Leaderboard[change | change source]

R/O Country Artist Song Points Place
1 Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina Bosnia and Herzegovina Fazla "Sva bol svijeta" 52 2nd
2  Croatia Put "Don't Ever Cry" 51 3rd
3  Estonia Janika Sillamaa "Muretut meelt ja südametuld" 47 5th
4  Hungary Andrea Szulák "Árva reggel" 44 6th
5  Romania Dida Drăgan "Nu pleca" 38 7th
6  Slovenia 1X Band "Tih deževen dan" 54 1st
7  Slovakia Elán "Amnestia na neveru" 50 4th

Overview[change | change source]

25 countries took part in the contest. Aside from the three qualifiers from the pre-selection (who were formerly part of Yugoslavia), all countries from the 1992 contest returned. The winner was decided by experts (jury) from each participating country. The juries gave points to their top ten favorite entries.

Results of the Eurovision Song Contest 1993[1]
R/O Country Artist Song Points Place
1  Italy Enrico Ruggeri "Sole d'Europa" 45 12th
2  Turkey Burak Aydos, Öztürk Baybora & Serter "Esmer Yarim" 10 21st
3  Germany Münchener Freiheit "Viel zu weit" 18 18th
4   Switzerland Annie Cotton "Moi, tout simplement" 148 3rd
5  Denmark Seebach Band "Under stjernerne på himlen" 9 22nd
6  Greece Katerina Garbi "Ellada, hora tou fotos" 64 9th
7  Belgium Barbara "Iemand als jij" 3 25th
8  Malta William Mangion "This Time" 69 8th
9  Iceland Inga "Þá veistu svarið" 42 13th
10  Austria Tony Wegas "Maria Magdalena" 32 14th
11  Portugal Anabela "A cidade até ser dia" 60 10th
12  France Patrick Fiori "Mama Corsica" 121 4th
13  Sweden Arvingarna "Eloise" 89 7th
14  Ireland Niamh Kavanagh "In Your Eyes" 187 1st
15  Luxembourg Modern Times "Donne-moi une chance" 11 20th
16  Slovenia 1X Band "Tih deževen dan" 9 22nd
17  Finland Katri Helena "Tule luo" 20 17th
18 Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina Bosnia and Herzegovina Fazla "Sva bol svijeta" 27 16th
19  United Kingdom Sonia "Better the Devil You Know" 164 2nd
20  Netherlands Ruth Jacott "Vrede" 92 6th
21  Croatia Put "Don't Ever Cry" 31 15th
22  Spain Eva Santamaría "Hombres" 58 11th
23  Cyprus Zymboulakis and Van Beke "Mi stamatas" 17 19th
24  Israel Lehakat Shiru "Shiru" 4 24th
25  Norway Silje Vige "Alle mine tankar" 120 5th

Sources[change | change source]

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