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The Eurovision Song Contest 2021 will be the 65th edition of the Eurovision Song Contest and will take place in the Netherlands's second largest city Rotterdam, after Duncan Laurence won for his country in Tel Aviv, Israel. The Eurovision Song Contest 2020 was cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic and was replaced with a live TV show called Eurovision: Europe Shine a Light. It was later announced that Rotterdam will host the 2021 edition. The contest will take place from 18 to 22 May 2021 with two semi-finals and one final. The Netherlands will host the contest for the fifth time.

The EBU confirmed that 39 countries will participate in 2021. Like last year, Hungary and Montenegro will not take part. Armenia will also not participate in 2021, while Belarus was disqualified after their intended entry violated the contest's rules. Due to the ongoing pandemic, the EBU presented several scenarios (A, B, C and D) in which the competition could take place.

Format[change | change source]

Venue[change | change source]

The contest will take place in Rotterdam Ahoy in Rotterdam and will be organized by the Dutch broadcasters NPO, NOS and AVROTROS.

Hosts[change | change source]

There will be four presenters hosting the contest in Rotterdam: Chantal Janzen, Jan Smit, Edsilia Rombley and Nikkie de Jager.

Slogan[change | change source]

The slogan of the Eurovision Song Contest 2021 will be Open Up. It was already planned for the 2020 contest and later confirmed that it will be used again.

Rule changes[change | change source]

For the 2021 edition, it was announced by the EBU that pre-recorded backing vocals will be allowed for the live shows. In previous years these had to be performed live.

Entries[change | change source]

Because the contest was cancelled last year, many countries decided to send their representative from last year again. However, the EBU announced that completely new songs have to be submitted for 2021.

Participating countries[change | change source]

Provisional list of participating countries[change | change source]

The following countries have confirmed their intent to participate in the 2021 contest.

Country Artist[1] Song Language(s) Semi-Final
 Albania Anxhela Peristeri "Karma" Albanian 2
 Australia Montaigne "Technicolour" English 1
 Austria Vincent Bueno "Amen" English 2
 Azerbaijan Efendi "Mata Hari" English 1
 Belarus Galasy ZMesta TBD 1
 Belgium Hooverphonic "The Wrong Place" English 1
 Bulgaria Victoria "Growing Up Is Getting Old" English 2
 Croatia Albina "Tick-Tock" English, Croatian 1
 Cyprus Elena Tsagrinou "El Diablo" English 1
 Czech Republic Benny Cristo "Omaga" English 2
 Denmark[2] Fyr & Flamme "Øve os på hinanden" Danish 2
 Estonia[3] Uku Suviste "The Lucky One" English 2
 Finland[4] Blind Channel "Dark Side English 2
 France Barbara Pravi "Voilà" French Pre-qualified
 Georgia Tornike Kipiani "You" English 2
 Germany Jendrik "I Don't Feel Hate" English Pre-qualified
 Greece Stefania "Last Dance" English 2
 Iceland Daði og Gagnamagnið "10 Years" English 2
 Ireland[5] Leslie Roy "Maps" English 1
 Israel Eden Alene "Set Me Free" English 1
 Italy Måneskin "Zitti e buoni" Italian Pre-qualified
 Latvia Samanta Tīna "The Moon Is Rising" English 2
 Lithuania[6] The Roop "Discoteque" English 1
 Malta Destiny "Je me casse" English 1
 Moldova Natalia Gordienko "Sugar" English 2
 Netherlands Jeangu Macrooy "Birth of a New Age" English, Sranan Tongo Pre-qualified
 North Macedonia Vasil "Here I Stand" English 1
 Norway[7] Tix "Fallen Angel" English 1
 Poland Rafał "The Ride" English 2
 Portugal The Black Mamba "Love Is on My Side" English 2
 Romania Roxen "Amnesia" English 1
 Russia Manizha "Russian Woman" Russian, English 1
 San Marino Senhit "Adrenalina" English 2
 Serbia Hurricane "Loco Loco" Serbian 2
 Slovenia Ana Soklič "Amen English 1
 Spain Blas Cantó "Voy a quedarme" Spanish Pre-qualified
 Sweden[8] Tusse "Voices" English 1
  Switzerland Gjon's Tears "Tout l'Univers" French 2
 Ukraine Go_A "Shum" (Шум) Ukrainian 1
 United Kingdom James Newman "Embers" English Pre-qualified

No return to the contest[change | change source]

These countries confirmed that they will not take part in 2021:

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