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The Extremaduran Wikipedia (Extremaduran: Wikipedia en estremeñu) or Güiquipeya[1] is the Extremaduran-language edition of Wikipedia, a free, online encyclopedia.[2] It has 3,695 articles. The site was started on 27 January 2007. It received its current URL on 28 May 2008. With more than 1300 entries, it is ranked 205th in the Wikipedia list according to the number of articles.

Controversy[change | change source]

Different media have criticized the Extremaduran version of Wikipedia. It is questioned that the Extremaduran is not really a language, it is a dialect of Asturian and Castilian,[3] and that it does not have a defined spelling rule.[3] The fact that the page only has three main contributors, the same who initiated the project has also been the subject of controversy.[4][5]

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