Extremaduran language

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Native to Spain
Region Autonomous community of Extremadura
Ethnicity 1.1 million (no date)[1]
Native speakers 200,000  (1994)e14
Language family
Language codes
ISO 639-3 ext

The Extremaduran language (Extremaduran: estremeñu) is the native language of Northwestern province of Cáceres. About 150,000 people speak it in Extremadura. This language is very similar to Leonese language and Asturian or Bable, spoken in other territories that once made up the Kingdom of León. Is called artu estremeñu (High extremaduran) too. The Central and Low Extremaduran (Meyu estremeñu and Bahu estremeñu) are Spanish dialects with extremaduran influences.

Extremaduran/Spanish differences[change | change source]

Estremaduran Spanish English
artu alto high
cuasi casi almost
leel leer to read
flama llama flame
hazel hacer to do
hueu fuego fire
izil decir to say
Estremaduran Spanish English
luenga lengua language
lombu lomo loin
mairi madre mother
mielru mirlo blackbird
muestral mostrar to show
nuestru nuestro ours
tossi tos cough

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References[change | change source]

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