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Flag of Sri Lanka

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Sri Lanka
UseCivil and state flag, civil ensign
AdoptedMay 22, 1972
DesignDark red rectangular panel bordered yellow containing a yellow lion passant holding a sword upright in its right fore paw, and four pipul leaves, one in each corner, and next to the hoist two vertical stripes, green and orange, also bordered yellow together.
Variant flag of Sri Lanka
UseNaval ensign
DesignWhite with the national flag in the canton.
Flag of Ceylon from 1948-1951
Flag of Ceylon between 1951 and 1972

The Flag of Sri Lanka, also called the Lion Flag, has a gold lion passant, holding a sword in its right fore paw, in front of a crimson background with four golden bo leaves in each corner. Around the background is a yellow border, and to its left are two vertical stripes of equal size in saffron and green, with the saffron stripe closest to the lion.

It became the flag in 1950 following the recommendations of a committee appointed by the 1st Prime Minister of Sri Lanka D.S. Senanayake.