Mayra Verónica

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Mayra Verónica
Mayra Veronica Afghanistan 1.jpg
Mayra Verónica meets and greets the troops in northeastern Afghanistan.
Mayra Verónica Aruca Rodríguez

(1980-08-20)August 20, 1980
OccupationPop singer, model
Height5' 2
Parent(s)Arturo Aruca,
Mayra Rodriguez

Mayra Verónica (named Mayra Verónica Aruca Rodríguez) was born in Havana, Cuba. She grew up in the United States where she became famous as a model and singer.[1] Verónica appeared on Hispanic Univision, TV commercials, FHM magazines and calendar, and music videos. She works with the USO.

Early life[change | change source]

Mayra Verónica was born in Havana, Cuba on 20 August 1980.[2][3][4] Sometimes her birth date appears as 20 August 1980 or 20 August 1983.[5] Celebrity Birthday lists her as 32 years old (July 2010), born in 1977.[6]

In 1984, she came to the US with her mother, Mayra Rodriguez. They left behind the rest of her family– her father Arturo Aruca, and sister Giselle Guzman. Her father came to the US a year later and reunited with Veronica and her mother, while her sister was unable to meet them until 13 years later. Verónica spoke about her difficult childhood. She grew up with little money and food was sometimes scarce.[7]

Verónica was a good student. She learned ballet with help from paying students from her school who could afford the training. In junior high school, her now famous curves developed. She said it made ballet difficult, but boys liked it. Her first boyfriend at the age of 15 was an artist of the same age who often painted her in little or no clothing.[8]

Verónica attended Florida International University where she studied psychology and theater.

Work[change | change source]

Modeling[change | change source]

After joining a local beauty pageant and becoming Miss Miami, she met a photographer who took pictures for the event. The photographer invited her to his studio for free photo sessions. Mayra's first modeling job led to another job as a reporter for a local TV celebrity news show. She had no reporting experience, but she was a competent reporter.[7][8]

She was promoted to hostess for the show, where she interviewed Donald Trump, Ivana Trump, Oscar de la Renta, Burt Reynolds, Dennis Rodman, Hugh Hefner, Marc Anthony, and many more. Verónica continued actress training in New York.

Verónica obtained a made-for-TV movie role called The Suitor. She also worked in commercials for Nike, L'Oréal, Ford, Colgate, Burger King, and Coca-Cola. When Univision started a new TV talk show, they asked her to be their model and co-host, but there was one catch. Due to her ample curves, her last appearance on screen for the day would show her backside on camera before she turned to face the camera. Verónica did it gladly. Once the show aired, the model with the great backside became the talk of Latinos everywhere. Eventually her fame spread through North America.

Cover girl[change | change source]

Veronica appeared in FHM magazine (For Him Magazine), and also on the cover of the FHM book, which included top sex symbols such as Pamela Anderson, Eva Longoria, and Carmen Electra. Verónica appeared on more than 100 magazine covers. Her web site became very popular and FHM received many letters requesting that she appear again.[7][8]

The US Marines voted Verónica their favorite pin-up girl. When soldiers stationed in Iraq sent emails asking for her posters and calendars, Verónica's managers sent the soldiers 5000 posters. The USO asked her to tour with US soldiers in Iraq.

USO tour[change | change source]

The Thanksgiving USO tour included General James Cartwright, actor Wilmer Valderrama, and comedian Russell Peters. They traveled 6 places in 6 days (Iraq, Afghanistan, Germany, Turkey, Africa, and Greenland). The troops' appreciation was overwhelming. Although Veronica had decided not to do more calendars, she changed her mind and decided to do one in 2008, dedicating proceeds to the Wounded Warrior Project.[7][9] [10]

Upon her return from the tour, fans described Verónica as a "modern day Betty Grable".[11] Verónica continued touring with the USO and became an official spokesperson.[10]

In 2009, the New York Stock Exchange asked Verónica to ring the bell for the Fourth of July celebration. Verónica promoted organizations for which she advocates, the USO and UNICEF, and brought them to the bell ringing ceremony.

Music[change | change source]

Vengo con To[change | change source]

During her time with the Univision TV Network, Veronica met top music producers who worked with her on her first music album. It was titled Vengo Con To' (I'm coming at you with everything).[7][8] It was a popular time for reggaetón music and Verónica's album included as its first single "Vengo Con To". The song soared to number 1 in New York and made top 40 on Billboard. The video was banned from Latin television because her curves appeared too much for TV.

Europe did not seem to mind and Mayra signed a contract with a German company for the release of the album in Europe. The album's popularity brought Verónica a deal with Motown, which put out a second single from the album titled "Mamma Mia" which performed well on radio.

A third single, "Es Tan Dificil Olvidarte", dedicated to the soldiers who died, put Verónica in the top 10 on the pop contemporary charts. Verónica continued her work with the troops by visiting the wounded at Camp Lejeune.

Saint nor Sinner[change | change source]

Verónica began 2010 on the cover of Billboard magazine with a new single, "If You Wanna Fly," that reached #13 on Billboard's Hot Dance Club Play chart and #15 on Billboard's Hot Dance Airplay chart. She continues working with producer Eddie Galan of Mach 1 Music,[12] with a new album titled Saint Nor Sinner due out in 2010.[2][7][8]

Honors[change | change source]

Verónica has been a Maxim (magazine) cover girl in other countries such as Philippines, Spain, and Germany[13][14] She was also the first Cuban-American to ring the bell at NASDAQ on 3 July 2008[15]

She was also honored by FHM magazine:

  • Ranked #86 in FHM magazine's "100 Sexiest Women in the World 2005"[15]
  • Ranked #67 in FHM magazine's "100 Sexiest Women in the World 2006"[15]

Personal info[change | change source]

Verónica is unmarried but otherwise keeps her personal relationships private.

Verónica likes to invest in the stock market.[16]

Verónica is not athletic, but she enjoys soccer and supports the USA team.[17][18]

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