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Oggy and the Cockroaches

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Oggy and the Cockroaches
French: Oggy et les Cafards
GenreAnimated series
Created byJean-Yves Raimbaud
Directed byOlivier Jean-Marie
Voices ofBen Small
Keith Wickham
Wayne Forester
Tim Whitnall
Marc Silk
Nick Mercer
Maria Darling
Tamsin Heatley
Music byHervé Lavandier (seasons 1–2)
Hugues Le Bars (seasons 1–4)
Vincent Artaud (season 5–7)
Country of originFrance
No. of seasons7
No. of episodes169 (list of episodes)
Executive producerMarc du Pontavice
ProducerMarc du Pontavice
AnimatorsMathilde Mathieu
Antoine Maucourt
Aurélie Monteix
Alyce Dion
Cécilia Dermy
Clélia Martini
Raphaël Loriller (season 6–7)
Lisa Martin
Alexandre Vinot
Thibaud Adam
Zoé Hivert-Mallet
Anaïs Poilpré
Anaïs Patillat
Manon Blateau
Stella Jaimond
Eric Bréchant
Thomas Ferry
Sovan Mono Var
Zoé Jolly (season 7)
EditorsLaure Charossuett
Lou Bouniol
Patrick Ducruet
Running time6-14 minutes
Production companiesGaumont Multimedia (seasons 1–2)
Xilam Animation (season 3–7)
Original release
NetworkFrance 3 (seasons 1-2)
Canal+ Family (seasons 3-4)
Gulli (season 5–7)
ReleaseSeptember 6, 1998 (1998-09-06) –
January 30, 2019 (2019-01-30)
Oggy Oggy
Oggy and the Cockroaches: Next Generation

Oggy and the Cockroaches is a French animated television series. It was created in 1997 by Jean-Yves Raimbaud. The main characters are Oggy, Joey, Marky, Dee Dee and Jack. Season 4 onwards include the additions of Olivia and Bob. It is slapstick comedy with a good deal of comic violence.[2] The 5th and 6th seasons premiered on June 30, 2017 and on May 16, 2017 based off of the chronological themes of the movie. Season 7 premeired on March 19, 2018 while season 8 premeired on May 7, 2020 remaking previous episodes.

The show got adapted into a film in 1997, titled Oggy and the Cockroaches: The Movie, centering around Oggy's adventures in four timelines. In September 2020, the show was reported to be rebooted as Oggy and the Cockroaches: Next Generation, a series about Oggy taking care of a seven-year old female elephant named Piya from India. In August 2021, a CGI spin-off centering around a younger Oggy was made for younger children, called Oggy Oggy.

Episodes[change | change source]

Season 1[change | change source]

  1. Bitter Chocolate
  2. It's All Under Control
  3. French Fries
  4. Mission Oggy
  5. It's Been a Hard Day's Noise
  6. The Patient
  7. Shake Oggy Shake
  8. The Rise and the Fall
  9. It's a Small World
  10. Happy Birthday
  11. Metamorphosis
  12. Jealousy
  13. Wrong Side of the Bed
  14. Go Slow with Your Dough
  15. Tooth Good to be True
  16. One Track Life
  17. Mouseagator
  18. 9 Months and Counting
  19. A Tip for the Road
  20. The Outsider
  21. Baby Doll
  22. So Lonely
  23. Oggy and the Giant Roaches
  24. Oggy and the Babies
  25. The Carnival's in Town
  26. A Dog Day Afternoon
  27. Fishing Frolic
  28. Rock 'n Roll Altitude
  29. It's a Long Way Down
  30. Oggy's Night Out
  31. The Time Machine
  32. Oggy's Diet
  33. Globulopolis
  34. Occupied
  35. House for Rent
  36. The Lottery Ticket
  37. The Bait Bites Back
  38. Deep End
  39. Space Roaches
  40. Granny's Day
  41. Toy's R Oggy
  42. Memory Lane
  43. The Hiccup
  44. Oggy Goes Snailing
  45. Cat Kit
  46. Docu-mentally
  47. The Dictator
  48. Oggy vs Super Roach
  49. Beware of Destruction
  50. Heatwave
  51. Oggy and the Magic Flute
  52. A Bird of Ill Omen
  53. Duck Soup
  54. Winner Takes All
  55. The Ghost-Hunter
  56. Bugball
  57. Happy Campers
  58. The Piggy Bank
  59. Oggy's Clone
  60. A Truce for Christmas
  61. TV Obsession
  62. Race to the Finish
  63. Monster from the Mud Lagoon
  64. The Garden of Horrors
  65. Caught in a Trap
  66. Blue Sunday
  67. Cloning Around
  68. 3 Wishes and Your Out
  69. Virtual Voyage
  70. The Abominable Snow Moth
  71. The Neighbor's Cat
  72. A Night at the Opera
  73. Honeymoon
  74. Loony Balloons
  75. Beachcombers
  76. Emergency Room
  77. Oggy and the Magic Broom
  78. Oggy Van Winkle

Season 2[change | change source]

  1. Fame & Glory
  2. Hide and Sick
  3. Love and Kisses
  4. Milk Diet
  5. Wash Day
  6. Crazy Shopping
  7. Ski Bugs
  8. All Out of Shape
  9. Roachy Redneck
  10. Hit the Road Oggy!
  11. Penguin Pandemonium
  12. That's the Last Straw!
  13. Perpetual Motion
  14. Life's a Beach
  15. Saving Private Dee Dee
  16. Laughing Gas
  17. Hip Hip Hip Hypnoses
  18. Missing in Action
  19. Take Cover
  20. Copy Cat
  21. High Flyers
  22. The Wonder Whistle
  23. The Hungry Ostrich Empire
  24. Golf Curse
  25. Working Cat
  26. Beware of the Bodyguard
  27. My Beautiful Prison
  28. Go for it, Jack!
  29. Do Not Lean out of the Window
  30. Soldier for a Day
  31. 7 Minutes & Counting
  32. Mayday! Mayday!
  33. Warning! Boa on the Run
  34. Un-Bear-able Bears
  35. The Techno-Files
  36. Keep Cool!
  37. The Joker Joked
  38. Saturday Black Fever
  39. Green Peace
  40. Face Off
  41. Walls Have Ears
  42. Sleepless Night
  43. Off Limits
  44. The Pied Bagpiper
  45. Lost in Space
  46. Paper Chase
  47. Penalty Shot
  48. Oggy's Puzzled
  49. The Pumpkin that Pretended to be a Ferrari
  50. Going Up
  51. Don't Rock the Cradle
  52. Pharonuf
  53. Sitcom
  54. Homebreaker
  55. Magic Carpet Ride
  56. Flower Power
  57. Safari, So Good…
  58. Joey and the Magic Bean
  59. Control Freak
  60. What a Dump
  61. Sea Risks…
  62. Mission to Earth
  63. Oggy's Bag
  64. Jack in a Box
  65. A Tooth for a Tooth
  66. The Blob
  67. Upside Down
  68. Barbecue
  69. Boxing Fever
  70. Baby Boum
  71. Oggy has Kittens
  72. Up to No Good!
  73. Sky Diving
  74. Brainchild
  75. Welcome to Paris
  76. Black & White
  77. Strike!
  78. Chatter Box

Season 3[change | change source]

  1. Octopus
  2. Sheepcat
  3. Night Watchmen
  4. Abandoned Cockroaches
  5. V.I.P Party
  6. Scuba Diving
  7. Oggy and the Magic Shoes
  8. Casino
  9. Santa Oggy
  10. Just Married!
  11. Living Carrots
  12. First Flight
  13. Trans-Amazonian
  14. Castaway Cats
  15. Invincible
  16. Inside Out
  17. Priceless Roaches
  18. The World Underneath
  19. Golden Eggs
  20. Termite-ator
  21. The Mini Golf War
  22. Oggywood
  23. Horse Ride
  24. Oggy's Crab
  25. The Fugitive
  26. Locked Outside
  27. The Ancestor
  28. Surf's On
  29. Hold Up
  30. Oggy Pizza Express
  31. Oggy's Grandma
  32. Cartoon Lesson
  33. Ugly, Dirty and Good
  34. Moving Out
  35. To Serve and Protect
  36. Deep Trouble
  37. Formula 1
  38. Oggy's Double
  39. The Cicada and the Cockroach

Season 4[change | change source]

  1. Olivia
  2. The Lighthouse Keeper
  3. Dump the Roaches!
  4. Dee Dee's Diet
  5. A Jealous Guy
  6. Let's Party, Guys!
  7. Airship House
  8. Panic Room
  9. Into the Wild
  10. Washing Day
  11. Lightning Visit
  12. Oggy's Shadow
  13. Buddy Parrot
  14. The Magic Pen
  15. The Cube
  16. A Charming Guy
  17. Fly for Fun
  18. Olivia's Pimple
  19. The Ice Rink
  20. For Real
  21. Fly to the Sun
  22. Run, Olivia, Run!
  23. Mind the Giant!
  24. A Soft World
  25. Sport Fans
  26. The Kitchen Boy
  27. Mister Cat
  28. The Easter Egg
  29. Journey to the Center of the Earth
  30. Butterfly Race!
  31. Oggy Goes Green
  32. Now You See Me, Now You Don't
  33. What a Lousy Day!
  34. Jack's Nephew
  35. Roommate Wanted
  36. The Bathtub Race
  37. Inspector Dee Dee
  38. Hep Taxi!
  39. Happy Camper!
  40. A Streetcar on the Loose
  41. Grease-Monkey Oggy
  42. Farmer for a Day
  43. Oggy Splits Hairs
  44. Little Tom Oggy
  45. Don't Barge In!
  46. Artsy Oggy
  47. A Five-Legged Sheep
  48. Oggy and the Magic Smile
  49. Water Sports
  50. Caviar on the House
  51. Party Pooper
  52. Scaredy-Cat
  53. North Pole Panic
  54. Skate Fever
  55. Dream On!
  56. Lady K
  57. Oggy and the Dodo Bird
  58. Steamed Out!
  59. Picnic Panic
  60. Lights Out
  61. Wrestling Time!
  62. Teleportation
  63. Oggy and the Flour Man
  64. The Cucaracha
  65. The Abominable Snow Roach
  66. High Rise Nightmare
  67. Bicycle Crazy!
  68. Oggy and the Mermaid
  69. Back to the Past!
  70. Wake-up My Lovely!
  71. From Mumbai with Love
  72. Very Special Deliveries
  73. Shoplifting!
  74. Oggy is Getting Married!

Season 5[change | change source]

  1. The Great Pyramid Mystery
  2. Oggy and the Grasshopper Cloud
  3. Oggy on the Nile
  4. Gladiator Oggy
  5. Shift that Chariot, Oggy!
  6. Oggy's Special Spa
  7. RodeOggy
  8. Sheriff Oggy
  9. Wanted
  10. The Green Thumb
  11. Oggy, the King's Coachman
  12. The Levee of the King
  13. Marky's Tournament
  14. The Roaches Seize the Castle
  15. The Hunchback from the Cathedral
  16. A Gorilla in Town
  17. Oggy and the Tramp
  18. Dee Dee Capone
  19. Oggy and the Treasure
  20. The Octopus Masters
  21. The Precious Panda
  22. Fragile Goods!
  23. Baby Sitting for the Emperor
  24. The Tiger Hunt
  25. Oggy the Fakir
  26. Cockroaches Play Cricket
  27. Oggy's Dragon
  28. Beware the Longship
  29. Oggy, The Lord of Lightning
  30. Oggy's 1001 Nights
  31. A Touch of Genius
  32. Moonshot Movie
  33. Lead Wings
  34. Oggy's Invention
  35. In the Glare of the Sun
  36. Gold Fever
  37. Sacrificial Special
  38. Rock Bottom
  39. Mission Apolloggy
  40. The Race to the North Pole
  41. Jackoromeo and Bobette
  42. Masquerade
  43. Marky Da Vinci
  44. Emperor for a Day
  45. My Kingdom for a Teddy
  46. Oggy and the Hieroglyphs
  47. On the High-Yurt-Way
  48. Xanadu Milk
  49. The Yak Festival
  50. Housework in Orbit
  51. The Cockroaches' Awakening
  52. The Intruder from Space
  53. The First Samurai
  54. Oggy-Sumo
  55. Oggy Manga Star
  56. Color Conflict
  57. Wheeling and Dealing
  58. The Big Move
  59. The Incredible Four
  60. Metalman
  61. Z Men to the Rescue
  62. Mythologgy
  63. Oggy's 12 Labors
  64. Oggy and the Minotaur
  65. The Pig Curse
  66. Oggy and the Short-Sighted Cyclops
  67. Oggy and the Misty Mermaids
  68. Bananas of Wrath
  69. The Jungle Child
  70. The Statues’ Awakening
  71. Below My Tree
  72. Head in the Clouds
  73. Super Temor
  74. Oggy and the Legend of Excalibur
  75. Oggy and the Search for the Grail
  76. Morgan the Fairy

Season 6[change | change source]

  1. Crackdown on the Fridge (remastering of Mission Oggy)
  2. Laughter Forbidden (remastering of Laughing Gas)
  3. Cockroach vs. Mouse (remastering of The Outsider)
  4. Strong Coffee (remastering of Shake Oggy Shake)
  5. Jack's Kit (remastering of Cat Kit)
  6. Cute Little Puppy (remastering of A Dog Day Afternoon)
  7. The Great Invasion (remastering of Cloning Around)
  8. Tooth Exchange (remastering of Tooth Good to be True)
  9. Oggy's Costume (remastering of Oggy's Clone)
  10. Mamma Oggy (remastering of Nine Months and Counting)
  11. Oggy and the Kittens (remastering of Oggy and the Babies)
  12. The Winning Ticket (remastering of The Lottery Ticket)
  13. Super Dee Dee (remastering of Oggy vs. Super Roach)
  14. Alone at Last (remastering of So Lonely)
  15. Snack Time (remastering of The Time Machine)
  16. Doll Idol (remastering of Baby Doll)
  17. Ups and Downs (remastering of Upside Down)
  18. Bless You Oggy! (remastering of Hide and Sick)
  19. The Loot (remastering of Go Slow With Your Dough)
  20. Roach Charmer (remastering of Oggy and the Magic Flute)
  21. A Crazy Carpet (remastering of Magic Carpet Ride)
  22. Wake-Up Oggy! (remastering of Sleepless Night)
  23. Wild Flight (remastering of Loony Balloons)
  24. Bouncing Ball (remastering of Bugball)
  25. Cockroach Oggy (remastering of Metamorphosis)
  26. An Intrusive Neighbor (remastering of Homebreaker)
  27. Serenade for a Monster (remastering of The Pied Bagpiper)
  28. A Shockproof Denture (remastering of A Tooth for a Tooth)
  29. A Rebel Bait (remastering of The Bait Bites Back)
  30. A Wild Train Ride (remastering of One Track Life)
  31. Bad Luck Day (remastering of Wrong Side of the Bed)
  32. Oggy Cat Trainer (remastering of Oggy Has Kittens)
  33. The Tenants (remastering of House for Rent)
  34. Chocolate Wars (remastering of Bitter Chocolate)
  35. Nature's Call (remastering of Occupied)
  36. Flying Lesson (remastering of High Flyers)
  37. Crazy Driving! (remastering of A Tip for the Road)
  38. Puzzle Mania (remastering of Oggy's Puzzled)
  39. Special Deliveries (remastering of Baby Boum)
  40. Under the Sun (remastering of Heatwave)
  41. Abracadabra (remastering of The Joker Joked)
  42. A Voracious Pet (remastering of The Hungry Ostrich Empire)
  43. TV Addict (remastering of TV Obsession)
  44. Sweet Teddy-Bear (remastering of Un-Bear-able Bears)
  45. Oggy Robot (remastering of Copy Cat)
  46. Christmas Spirit (remastering of A Truce for Christmas)
  47. A Crazy Week-End (remastering of Blue Sunday)
  48. The Challenge (remastering of Control Freak)
  49. Soccer Fever (remastering of Penalty Shot)
  50. Lost at Sea (remastering of Sea Risks)
  51. Deep into the Wild (remastering of Safari So Good)
  52. Wacky Garden Party (remastering of Barbecue)
  53. Bath Time! (remastering of Wash Day)
  54. Bowling Champions (remastering of Strike!)
  55. Oggy's Sister (remastering of Love and Kisses)
  56. A Fit Body for Oggy (remastering of Oggy's Diet)
  57. Oggy's Brand New Face (remastering of Face Off)
  58. Thunder Oggy (remastering of Walls Have Ears)
  59. Destruction Work in Progress (remastering of Beware of Destruction)
  60. A Greedy Friend (remastering of The Blob)
  61. What's on the Menu (remastering of Oggy's Night Out)
  62. Good Night, Don't Sleep Tight (remastering of Monster from the Mud Lagoon)
  63. Beach Havoc (remastering of Beachcombers)
  64. Itsy-Bitsy Oggy (remastering of It's A Small World)
  65. Magic Laundry Bag (remastering of Oggy's Bag)
  66. Bodyguard Oggy (remastering of Beware of the Bodyguard)
  67. Playing Dough (remastering of All Out of Shape)
  68. Remote Controlled (remastering of Perpetual Motion)
  69. Locked Out (remastering of The Piggy Bank)
  70. Brain Control (remastering of It's All Under Control)
  71. An Unwanted Customer (remastering of Crazy Shopping)
  72. Green Trouble (remastering of 7 Minutes and Counting)
  73. Cyber-Oggy (remastering of Virtual Voyage)
  74. Whistle Power (remastering of The Wonder Whistle)
  75. The Delights of Camping (remastering of Happy Campers)
  76. Bad Sport (remastering of Winner Takes All)
  77. Showtime! (remastering of Fame & Glory)
  78. Hiccup Treatment (remastering of The Hiccup)

Season 7[change | change source]

  1. Library Hysteria
  2. Well Guarded Gold
  3. The Black Gold Rush
  4. Oggy the Babysitter
  5. Ghost Hunting
  6. The Whiz-Kid
  7. Drone Out of Control (none)
  8. Oggy's Exoskeleton
  9. The Sacred Roaches
  10. Bleached!
  11. Wild Rides at the Fair
  12. Oggy's Jungle
  13. Xmas Tree Quest
  14. Panic In the Air
  15. Oggy's Beach Club
  16. Oggy and the not So Smart Bracelet (none)
  17. Zen Oggy
  18. Oggy Snail Farmer
  19. Extreme Indoor Sports (none)
  20. Mouse Attack
  21. The Power of Love
  22. Oggy's Teddy Bear (none)
  23. Guess Who's in the Fridge?
  24. The Roaches' Move
  25. Freefall Jump
  26. Oggy at Top Speed
  27. Inside Oggy
  28. Roach Vision (none)
  29. Welcome to Mars
  30. Roach Express
  31. Oggymon Go (none)
  32. Broom Driving
  33. Oggy Learns to Swim or Not
  34. Lend Me a Hand, Oggy! (none)
  35. Oggy's Vacations
  36. Dumpster Driving
  37. Oggy at the Opera
  38. Oggy Copy Cat
  39. A Roachneck Cousin
  40. Sharing Oggy (none)
  41. Oggy's Elevator
  42. A Very Special Treatment
  43. Oggy Cranes his Neck (none)
  44. And the Winner is… Dee Dee
  45. Oggy Goes to Paris
  46. Vertigo!
  47. High Security Fridge
  48. The Golf Pro
  49. At the Stroke of Midnight
  50. Alien Roaches
  51. The Laugh Box
  52. Hide and Go Whiskers! (none)
  53. Where's the Exit?
  54. Brainy Roaches
  55. Nursing the Neighbor (none)
  56. Space Journey
  57. Boxing Match
  58. Freezing Cold
  59. A Dreamy Cruise
  60. Hypnotic Oggy
  61. Life's a Zoo (none)
  62. Fishing Frenzy
  63. Snake and Snacks
  64. The Big Bad Wolf (none)
  65. Poor Sports (none)
  66. The Giant Roaches
  67. The Food Dispenser (none)
  68. Up, Up and Up!
  69. General Jack
  70. Back to School (none)
  71. Fake News (none)
  72. The Machine
  73. Whose Turn to do the Dishes? (none)
  74. Blah Blah Blah
  75. Alpine Antics
  76. Oggy's Got Talent! (none)
  77. The Witch Hunt (none)
  78. Run for Shelter

Characters[change | change source]

Main[change | change source]

The Cats[change | change source]

  • Oggy (voiced by Ben Small) is a laid-back cat with some childlike aspects.
  • Jack (voiced by Keith Wickham) is Oggy's cousin, but unlike him, he is more rough-and-tumble.

The Cockroaches[change | change source]

  • Joey (voiced by Tim Whitnall) is the leader. Some of his schemes may involve his want for money.
  • Marky (voiced by Marc Silk) is the laid-back brother of the trio.
  • Dee Dee (voiced by Nick Mercer) is the glutton of the trio. He's also an opera singer and does detective work in two separate episodes.

Recurring[change | change source]

  • Monica (voiced by Tamsin Heatley) is Oggy's twin sister who's a tomboy in rollerskates. She was also Jack's love interest.
  • Bob (voiced by Wayne Forester) was Oggy's neighbor, who gets angry whenever Oggy unintentionally stumbles upon his property.
  • Olivia (voiced by Maria Darling) is a female cat who loves nature and doesn't mind the three cockroaches. Debuted in season 4 as Oggy's crush and later girlfriend.

International broadcast[change | change source]

Country Channel(s) Debut Title
Lithuania LNK
? Ogis ir Tarakonai
France France 3
Canal J
Canal+ Family
France 4
France 2
6 September 1998 Oggy et les Cafards
Italy K2
Italia 1
17 September 2000 Oggy e i Maledetti scarafaggi
Australia Cartoon Network ? Oggy and the Cockroaches
Poland Canal+
Fox Kids
Puls 2
1999 Oggy i Karaluchy

Nickelodeon India
Cartoon Network
Nickelodeon Sonic
Sony Yay

2009 (Nickelodeon India)
2012-present (Cartoon Network)
2015 (Sonic Nickelodeon) (Season 1 to Season 4)
Oggy and the Cockroaches

Cartoon Network

Russia REN-TV,
30 November 2000 Огги и тараканы (Oggi i Tarakany)
Ukraine Novyi Kanal,
? Оггі та кукарачі (Oggi ta Kukarachi)
Germany Disney Channel,
14 October 1999 Оggy und die Kakerlaken
Hong Kong Cartoon Network Asia ? TBA
Canada YTV ? Oggy and the Cockroaches (YTV)
Oggy et les cafards (Vrak)
Australia ABC3
Cartoon Network
2009 (ABC3)
2011 (Cartoon Network)
Oggy and the Cockroaches
Philippines Disney Channel Asia ? TBA
Portugal SIC K 2011-Present Oggy
Malaysia Astro AEC
Astro Wah Lai Toi
Astro Shuang Xing
Cartoon Network Malaysia
Nickelodeon Malaysia
2009 Oggy and the Cockroaches
Slovakia Markíza ? TBA
United Kingdom CITV
Fox Kids
1999 Oggy and the Cockroaches
United States Fox Kids
12 September 1998 (1998-09-12)[3] (Fox Kids)
5 February 2015 (2015-02-05)[4] (Nickelodeon)
18 June 2018 (2018-06-18) (KidsClick)
15 September 2014 (2014-09-15)[5] (Netflix)
Oggy and the Cockroaches
Vietnam Disney Channel (no longer broadcasting)
Cartoon Network Vietnam
BRT TV (Vung Tau, Vietnam)
2010 – present Oggy và những chú gián tinh nghịch
Middle East Ajyal TV
Tunisia 7
Jeem TV
20 September 2009 أوجي والمزعجون (Ajyal TV, MBC3, Tunisia 7)
أوغي (Spacetoon, Jeem TV)
Indonesia Spacetoon Indonesia 23 March 2005 Oggy and the Cockroaches
Iran IRIB Nahal
IRIV Nasim
2012 (IRIB Nahal)
2014 (IRIB Nasim)
Brazil Fox Kids
Rede Globo
Cartoon Network
1999 Oggy e as Baratas Tontas
Angola Boomerang 14 May 2016 Oggy e as Baratas

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