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  • an oval fleshy fruit which is purple, reddish, or yellow when ripe and contains a flattish pointed stone.
    • W. INDIAN a small edible fruit from any of a number of trees.
  • the deciduous tree which bears plums.
  • a reddish-purple colour. "a pure silk shirt in shades of cream and soft plum" ·
  • informal a thing, typically a job, considered to be highly desirable: "he landed a plum assistant producer's job" synonyms: excellent · very good · wonderful · marvellous · choice ·

ors asp yDamson (purple or black skin, green flesh, clingstone, astringent)

  • Greengage (firm, green flesh and skin even when ripe)
  • Yellowgage or golden plum (similar to greengage, but yellow)
  • Victoria plum (yellow flesh with a red or mottled skin)
  • Satsuma plum (firm red flesh with a red skin)
  • Mirabelle plum (dark yellow, mostly grown in northeast France)

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