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The Voice (TV series)

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The Voice is a singing competition created in the Netherlands by producer John de Mol and singer Roel van Velzen. The show is now a franchise with countries across the globe hosting their own version. The show first aired on 17 September 2010.

Format[change | change source]

The way The Voice works is different in some countries, but most retain these rounds and rules. Kids versions are made as well. Almost anyone 8 and up can apply to be on the show. However, only contestants that are teenagers and up can apply to compete on the show where adults compete.

Note: Contestant & Artist mean the same thing.

Blind Auditions[change | change source]

A certain number of contestants perform, hoping to impress the coaches. The contestant(s) pick(s) a song to perform, and the judges listen to the contestant blindly, only judging their voice because they are turned away from the contestant, to avoid bias against certain people. If a coach likes a contestant's voice enough, the coach can press their button and they will turn around and see who the contestant is. The contestant does not stop performing until their song is over. If more than one coach turns, the contestant gets to decide which coach they would like to work with. If only one coach turns, the contestant just goes on their team after talking about the performance. If no coaches turn, the contestant is eliminated. Although the coaches do give advice to all contestants that perform. Once a coach's team has a certain number of artists, they may no longer add artists to their team.

Block[change | change source]

The block is a feature that prevents another coach from getting an artist. If a coach blocks, they must press their block button for that contestant, hit their button to turn around and see the contestant, and finally turn around before the coach they decide to block turns around. Only one block can be performed per performance. If a coach tries to block an artist that is already blocked, their block will not work.

Battles[change | change source]

In the battles, coaches decide to pair two artists from their team against each other, performing the same song in a "boxing ring" type arena. The paired artists train together with their coach to improve upon their skills. Each sings a different parts of a song, relay style. The artists perform at the same time in the battles. Once the song is over and the coaches make their comments, it is up to the contestant's coach to decide who is the winner of the battle. The winner advances to the knockouts. Coaches have saves and steals which they can use to save an artist on their team, or steal one from another team. However, these are limited.

Knockouts[change | change source]

In the knockouts, the remaining artists once again battle each other, however this time they work individually with their coach. Also, each artist performs their own song and they do not sing at the same time. Like the battles,Once the song is over and the coaches make their comments, it is up to the contestant's coach to decide who is the winner of the battle. The winner advances to the Live shows. Coaches usually only have steals in this round which they can steal an artist from another team. However, these are limited.

Live Shows[change | change source]

Finally, The remaining artists give final performances. A certain number of contestants stay while the rest are eliminated. Winners are often picked by letting the viewers in the country decide who should win and who should be eliminated until only 1 contestant remains. They are declared the winner. The winner and their coach and artist celebrate with the host, and they may win a cash prize and some random prize(Usually associated with music). Some seasons feature the Instant Save.

List Of Coaches[change | change source]

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