Truro, Nova Scotia

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Truro, Nova Scotia

Truro is a town in Nova Scotia, Canada. Truro is the largest town of Colchester County. The county and town offices are there. Truro is on the south side of the Salmon River, close to where the river flows into Cobequid Bay.

History The Mi'kmaq people lived in central Nova Scotia for thousands of years. They called the Truro area, "Wagobagitik." This means, "end of the water's flow". The Acadian settlers called it "Cobequid." The Acadians were from France. They came to the area in the early 1700s. The Acadians lost their lands in the Truro area in 1755. British soldiers made them leave and burned their barns and houses. After 1755 people from Scotland, Ireland and the New England came to live in Truro. Truro is named after the city of Truro in Cornwall, United Kingdom.

Life The people of Truro were at first mostly farmers. Later the railroad became important and many people worked for it. Truro is also the home of Stanfield's, a factory that makes underwear and other clothing. Truro has a park, called Victoria Park. Victoria park has forest, trails and waterfalls. Truro also has a college, a university and one of the largest high schools in eastern Canada.

Truro is known as the 'hub' of Nova Scotia because of the railroads and roads that pass through the town.