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"Bow to the abandonment of this sick world and greet the development of your mind and your soul. Then you can be born again in a new form of the world that can be vibrant and viable.And then you can share it."

I like a many species of disciplines. I like psychology (just an interest) +psychoanalysis, pathology (epidemiology) and neurology (but i'm ignoramus in it), ecology (paleoclimatology+ecopsychology (how ecology affects a person today), astronomy (only theory and only like history of universe), philosophy (mostly existentialism, lebensphilosophie, conceptualism, philosophy of ideas (ontology), ethics and aesthetics, dualism, metaphysics probably), art (cinema, photography, design (graphic especially), history of arts, street art, electronic/classical (especially organ and piano)/rock music (+smth connects with spirit category in music), any visual (how optics works in art/our life) and audial art (how sound works in art/our life)), like experimental literature and something about concept/psychology, Japanese culture (history, cinema, literature, aesthetics terms and so on). I like anything about altered state of consciousness, hypnosis, memory as object of researches, trauma studies, body culture studies (especially Jacques Le Goff), protecting cultural heritage (tangible and intangible) (restauration) and probably anthropology in art. I like also metaphors, mythology and concepts in religion (buddhism and shinto - spirit religions). Sometimes I'm interest in politics. +++ I like history of time (how time affects a person also + when I was a little boy I often think about time). And I really like something about unconsciousness in global meanings, irrational actions of society and so on. I like also esotericism (hermeticism), occultism because it's really interesting for me as psychology although esoterism and occultism are not so scientific. I like something about secrets (this includes also freemasonry).

I like paganism, Gaia hypothesis, category of dark in philosophy and not only, sight and visual system (+another five wits) in global meanings (perception of objects, how it works on consciousness and mood). I like study about reality and irreality, about dream (somnology), action/move and no move and how it affects a person + biorhythm.

I forget: I like German culture and sagas.


I like to travel, birds (like birdwatching), swimming, trees (sometimes trying identify leaves of which trees), detective stories (i like idea of disappearance in it), I like oppositions (good/evil, hot/cold, tenderness/rudeness), i like how our actions analogically works in nature.


Fog, forest, mountains, water rings, touch, keyhole, star, road, wind, airport and hotel, cafe, night and morning, remove hair from the neck, earring, eyes, tunnel, lightning, recreating reality (or creation of double reality), abandoned houses and ghost towns.

I always get conscious when I get stuck in the fog or this is only appearance of my confidence that I didn't dissolve, didn't become like a smoke?

Qui a fait une fugue

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