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X cursiva.gif

X is the twenty-fourth (number 24) letter in the English alphabet. It sometimes makes a sound like ks (for example: exit, next, fox), or if it is at the beginning of a word, it makes a sound like zzz (for example: xylophone).

Meanings for X[change | change source]

  • In a general sense, X means something is unknown or secret, as in project X.
  • X is also used often to show kisses, usually at the end of a letter or text message.
  • In clothing X is used as a short letter for extra, such as XXL for extra-extra-large.
  • In Roman numerals, X means ten.
  • In internet terms, XXX indicates adult material, as in an XXX site.
  • In x-ray, X stands for xeno, which is short for xenographic.[source?]