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Curent logo of Air India
Boeing 777-222(ER), Air-India

Air India (AI/AIC) (Hindi: एअर इंडिया) (officially known as Air India Air Transport Services Limited) is the national airline company of India. Air India is part of the National Aviation Company of India Limited

History[change | change source]

Air India was founded in 1932 under the name Tata Air Line by the company Tata Sons. In 1946 the name of the company changed to Air India International. Its name changed again in 1953, this time to the current name Air India. By that time Air India was owned by the government of India. From 1999 a lot of attempts were made to merge India Air and Indian Airlines. Air India kept its name regardless of the merge. Due to corruption and lack of funds, Air India merged with Tata Group, or Tata Sons in January 27th, 2022.

Accidents[change | change source]

  • Jan. 1st, 1978. Air India Flight 855 crashed due to the pilot being Spatially Disoriented. All 213 are killed.
  • 2010: Flight 812 goes beyond the runway and crashes. 160 people are killed.