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Sura 22 of the Quran


The pilgrimage
Classification Medinan
Position Juzʼ 17
Number of Rukus 10
Number of verses 78
Number ofSajdahs 2 (verse 18 and 77)
← Quran 21
Quran 23 →


Surah Al-Hajj[1] ("The Journey") is the 22nd chapter of the Quran and it has 78 verses. It gets its name from the 27th verse.[2]

Summary[change | change source]

The surah talks about the importance of doing Hajj and the importance of seeking forgiveness from Allah. The surah warns against disbelief in Allah and reminds readers about the Day of Judgment and how they will be raised before Allah. The surah is directed towards Muslims and the polytheists of Mecca.[2] The surah grants permission for Muslims to fight those who will not let them do Hajj as a form of Jihad against oppression by the Quraysh.[2]

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