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State of Bahia
Flag of State of Bahia
Coat of arms of State of Bahia
Coat of arms
Motto(s): "Per ardua surgo"
(Pela dificuldade venço)
Location of State of Bahia in Brazil
Location of State of Bahia in Brazil
Coordinates: 12°59′S 38°31′W / 12.983°S 38.517°W / -12.983; -38.517Coordinates: 12°59′S 38°31′W / 12.983°S 38.517°W / -12.983; -38.517
Country  Brazil
Capital and largest city Salvador
 • Governor Jaques Wagner
 • Vice Governor Edmundo Pereira Santos
 • Total 567,295 km2 (219,034 sq mi)
Area rank 5th
Population (2010 census)[1]
 • Total 14,016,906
 • Rank 4th
 • Density 25/km2 (64/sq mi)
 • Density rank 12th
Demonym(s) Baiano
 • Year 2006 estimate
 • Total R$ 137,075,000,000 (6th)
 • Per capita R$ 9,779.26 (19th)
 • Year 2005
 • Category 3.913 <very high>
Time zone BRT (UTC-3)
 • Summer (DST) BRST (UTC-2)
Postal code 40000-000 to 48990-000
ISO 3166 code BR-BA

Bahia is a state in the northeast area of Brazil on the Atlantic Ocean coast.

Geography[change | change source]

The capital city of Bahia is Salvador. Other cities where many people live are Feira de Santana, Vitória da Conquista, Itabuna, Ilhéus, and Juazeiro. Almost all of Bahia is 200 m above the sea level. The São Francisco River is the longest river in Bahia. Salvador was the capital of Brazil from 1549 until 1763.

Economy[change | change source]

Bahia is the sixth richest Brazilian state. The economy of Bahia is based on industry, agriculture, animal husbandry, tourism, mining and services.

Culture[change | change source]

Bahia is said to have the greatest and most African influence, in terms of culture and customs, in Brazil. Some of these are the martial art of capoeira and African-derived music such as samba, afoxé, and axé.

Acarajé is a popular street food. It is one of the symbols of the culture of Bahia.

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