Bell 206

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American civilian Bell 206B.

The Bell 206 is a light helicopter. It was designed and built in the United States by Bell Helicopters.[1] It was originally designed for civilian purposes. It was changed to be used by the military,[2] including the US Army.[3] It first flew in December 1962. Its manufacturing stopped in 2010. Licence-built were occurred to Italian company Agusta.[4]

Specifications[change | change source]

Bell 206 is 39.8½ feet (12.11 meters) long, 33.4 feet (10.16 meters) diameter, and 9.4½ feet (2.88 meters) tall. A minimum mass that weighs 1,713 pounds (777 kg) and at the maximum mass that weighs 3,200 pounds (1 451 kg). It's powered by an Allison 250 engine driving a helicopter rotor with two blades.

Variants[change | change source]

Mauritius Bell 206B-3.
French Bell 206B.

Civil variants[change | change source]

  • Bell 206.
  • Bell 206A.
    • Agusta-Bell 206A, license-built in Italy.
  • Bell 206A-1.
  • Agusta-Bell 206A-1, license-built in Italy.
  • Bell 206B.
    • Agusta-Bell 206B, license-built in Italy.
  • Bell 206B-2.
  • Bell 206B-3.
  • Bell 206L LongRanger.[5]
    • Agusta-Bell 206L, license-built in Italy.
  • Bell 206L-1 LongRanger II.
    • Agusta-Bell 206L-1, license-built in Italy.
  • Bell 206L-1+ LongRanger.
  • Bell 206L-3 LongRanger III.
    • Agusta-Bell 206L-3, license-built in Italy.
  • Bell 206L-3+ LongRanger.
  • Bell 206L-4 LongRanger IV.
  • Bell 206LT TwinRanger.

Military variants[change | change source]

US Marines Corps TH-57C Sea Ranger

Users[change | change source]

Civil users[change | change source]

The Bell 206 is a very popular helicopter and was sold in many countries in the world, particularly in USA, Canada, and in Europe.

Military users[change | change source]

Ugandan military Bell 206B.
US Army Bell OH-58D.

In 2013, current and former users of Bell 206 included:

 United States

Similar aircraft[change | change source]

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