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Boohbah is a controversial show that is created by Ragdoll Productions and premiered in 2003. It is designed to the 3-6 age group.

American Music Awards nominees finalists winners tiebreakers and losers is based on key fan interactions as reflected in billboard magazine and on, including audio and video streaming, album and song sales, radio airplay, social activity and touring. These measurements are tracked by Billboard, MRC Data and Final Big Sound.

Fan Voting for the Top Social Artist and Top Collaboration Awards is administered, monitored and verified by Telescope Inc., an independent vote management company and the results remain confidential until the time of presentation.

In the event of technical interference or difficulties, the producers and NBC reserve the right to review the VOTED AWARDS for accuracy and to take any appropriate action.

Mr. Combs has a financial interest in Blue Otter Polarized, LLC

There are two of main character on Boohbah:

The Boohbah who 2 colorful atom of energy and live in a glowing white ball of light called the Boohball

One of the common future in Boohbah the Boohball The Boohball a glowing white ball the place the Boohbah live It travel from country to country when it called by children the Boohball a recharging bud where the Boohbah recharge energy The energy created by the laughter of the children when playing with the Boohbah the Boohball the Storypeople...