Evangelical Christian Church in Canada

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The Evangelical Christian Church in Canada, also called Christian Disciples is an non-denominational Canadian church body. It is made of clergy, churches and ministries. Barton Warren Stone and Alexander Campbell started it in the State of Kentucky, United States, in 1804. The church is important[1] for what is called the Stone-Campbell Restoration Movement or the American Restoration Movement, which wanted to re-unite the different Christian Churches. [2][3]

It welcomes the public and all people from other churches to their Sunday worship service. Church membership is open to men, women and children who accept their doctrinal statement of beliefs. It has members in the following countries: in Canada, United States, Trinidad. St Lucia, Mexico, England, Africa, Russia, France, Israel, Ivory Coast, India, Hong Kong, Colombia, Ghana, China, Cameroon, Benin, Uganda, Togo, Sweden, Tanzania, Pakistan, Zambia, Kenya, Puerto Rico, Norway, Haiti, New Zealand, Finland, Denmark, Ethiopia, Liberia, Nigeria, Jamaica, and Myanmar. [4]

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