Lingwa de planeta

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Lingwa de planeta
Created byD. Ivanov, A. Lysenko, and others (2010)
Setting and usageInternational auxiliary language
constructed language
  • Lingwa de planeta
Language codes
ISO 639-3None (mis)

Lingwa de planeta (also Lidepla or LdP) is a constructed international auxiliary language.[1] It uses words from the ten most widely spoken languages in the world: Arabic, Chinese, English, Spanish, German, Hindi, Persian, Portuguese, Russian and French.[2]

Example of text[change | change source]

The Lord's Prayer in Lingwa de Planeta:

Nuy Patra kel es pa swarga,
hay Yur nam fa-sante,
hay Yur reging lai,
hay yur vola fulfil
i pa arda i pa swarga.
Dai ba a nu nuy pan fo jivi sedey
e pardoni ba a nu nuy deba,
kom nu pardoni toy-las kel debi a nu.
Bye dukti nu inu temta
e protekti nu fon bada.

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