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There are 44 counties in the U.S. state of Idaho.

Alphabetical list[change | change source]

County seat
Meaning of name
Ada County 001 Boise 1864 Boise County Ada Riggs, daughter of H. C. Riggs, a member of the Idaho Territorial Legislature. &&&&&&&&&0300904.&&&&&0300,904 &&&&&&&&&&&01055.&&&&&01,055 sq mi
(&&&&&&&&&&&02732.&&&&&02,732 km²)
State map highlighting Ada County
Adams County 003 Council 1911 Washington County John Adams (1735-1826), second President of the United States (1797-1801). &&&&&&&&&&&03476.&&&&&03,476 &&&&&&&&&&&01365.&&&&&01,365 sq mi
(&&&&&&&&&&&03535.&&&&&03,535 km²)
State map highlighting Adams County
Bannock County 005 Pocatello 1893 Bingham County Bannock Native American tribe. &&&&&&&&&&075565.&&&&&075,565 &&&&&&&&&&&01113.&&&&&01,113 sq mi
(&&&&&&&&&&&02883.&&&&&02,883 km²)
State map highlighting Bannock County
Bear Lake County 007 Paris 1893 Oneida County Bear Lake on the Utah/Idaho border. &&&&&&&&&&&06411.&&&&&06,411 &&&&&&&&&&&&0971.&&&&&0971 sq mi
(&&&&&&&&&&&02515.&&&&&02,515 km²)
State map highlighting Bear Lake County
Benewah County 009 St. Maries 1915 Kootenai County Benewah, chief of the Coeur d'Alene Tribe &&&&&&&&&&&09171.&&&&&09,171 &&&&&&&&&&&&0776.&&&&&0776 sq mi
(&&&&&&&&&&&02010.&&&&&02,010 km²)
State map highlighting Benewah County
Bingham County 011 Blackfoot 1885 Oneida County Henry H. Bingham (1841-1912), a general in the American Civil War and a U.S. Congressman from Pennsylvania. &&&&&&&&&&041735.&&&&&041,735 &&&&&&&&&&&02095.&&&&&02,095 sq mi
(&&&&&&&&&&&05426.&&&&&05,426 km²)
State map highlighting Bingham County
Blaine County 013 Hailey 1895 Alturas County James G. Blaine (1830-1893), United States Secretary of State (1881, 1889-1892). &&&&&&&&&&018991.&&&&&018,991 &&&&&&&&&&&02645.&&&&&02,645 sq mi
(&&&&&&&&&&&06851.&&&&&06,851 km²)
State map highlighting Blaine County
Boise County 015 Idaho City 1864 Original county Boise River &&&&&&&&&&&06670.&&&&&06,670 &&&&&&&&&&&01902.&&&&&01,902 sq mi
(&&&&&&&&&&&04926.&&&&&04,926 km²)
State map highlighting Boise County
Bonner County 017 Sandpoint 1907 Kootenai County Edwin L. Bonner, originator of 1864 ferry service on the Kootenai River. &&&&&&&&&&036835.&&&&&036,835 &&&&&&&&&&&01738.&&&&&01,738 sq mi
(&&&&&&&&&&&04501.&&&&&04,501 km²)
State map highlighting Bonner County
Bonneville County 019 Idaho Falls 1911 Bingham County Benjamin Bonneville (1796-1878), a French-born explorer of the western United States. &&&&&&&&&&082522.&&&&&082,522 &&&&&&&&&&&01869.&&&&&01,869 sq mi
(&&&&&&&&&&&04841.&&&&&04,841 km²)
State map highlighting Bonneville County
Boundary County 021 Bonners Ferry 1915 Bonner Borders Canada on the north. &&&&&&&&&&&09871.&&&&&09,871 &&&&&&&&&&&01269.&&&&&01,269 sq mi
(&&&&&&&&&&&03287.&&&&&03,287 km²)
State map highlighting Boundary County
Butte County 023 Arco 1917 Bingham, Blaine, and Jefferson counties Buttes rising from the Snake River Plain. &&&&&&&&&&&02899.&&&&&02,899 &&&&&&&&&&&02233.&&&&&02,233 sq mi
(&&&&&&&&&&&05783.&&&&&05,783 km²)
State map highlighting Butte County
Camas County 025 Fairfield 1917 Blaine County Camassia, a plant species important as a food source among Native Americans and early settlers. &&&&&&&&&&&&0991.&&&&&0991 &&&&&&&&&&&01075.&&&&&01,075 sq mi
(&&&&&&&&&&&02784.&&&&&02,784 km²)
State map highlighting Camas County
Canyon County 027 Caldwell 1892 Ada County Disputed, either a canyon of the Boise River near Caldwell or a canyon of the Snake River which forms part of the county's boundary. &&&&&&&&&0131441.&&&&&0131,441 &&&&&&&&&&&&0590.&&&&&0590 sq mi
(&&&&&&&&&&&01528.&&&&&01,528 km²)
State map highlighting Canyon County
Caribou County 029 Soda Springs 1919 Bannock County Caribou Mountains &&&&&&&&&&&07304.&&&&&07,304 &&&&&&&&&&&01766.&&&&&01,766 sq mi
(&&&&&&&&&&&04574.&&&&&04,574 km²)
State map highlighting Caribou County
Cassia County 031 Burley 1879 Owyhee County Disputed, either Cassia Creek or a member of the Mormon Battalion, James John Cazier. &&&&&&&&&&021416.&&&&&021,416 &&&&&&&&&&&02567.&&&&&02,567 sq mi
(&&&&&&&&&&&06648.&&&&&06,648 km²)
State map highlighting Cassia County
Clark County 033 Dubois 1919 Fremont County Sam K. Clark, early settler and a member of the Idaho Senate. &&&&&&&&&&&01022.&&&&&01,022 &&&&&&&&&&&01765.&&&&&01,765 sq mi
(&&&&&&&&&&&04571.&&&&&04,571 km²)
State map highlighting Clark County
Clearwater County 035 Orofino 1911 Nez Perce County Clearwater River &&&&&&&&&&&08930.&&&&&08,930 &&&&&&&&&&&02462.&&&&&02,462 sq mi
(&&&&&&&&&&&06377.&&&&&06,377 km²)
State map highlighting Clearwater County
Custer County 037 Challis 1881 Alturas and Lemhi counties General Custer mine, named after George Armstrong Custer (1839-1876), United States Army general. &&&&&&&&&&&04342.&&&&&04,342 &&&&&&&&&&&04926.&&&&&04,926 sq mi
(&&&&&&&&&&012758.&&&&&012,758 km²)
State map highlighting Custer County
Elmore County 039 Mountain Home 1889 Alturas County Ida Elmore mines, locally noted for gold and silver production in the 1860s. &&&&&&&&&&029130.&&&&&029,130 &&&&&&&&&&&03078.&&&&&03,078 sq mi
(&&&&&&&&&&&07972.&&&&&07,972 km²)
State map highlighting Elmore County
Franklin County 041 Preston 1913 Oneida County Franklin D. Richards (1821-1899), early LDS Church apostle. &&&&&&&&&&011329.&&&&&011,329 &&&&&&&&&&&&0666.&&&&&0666 sq mi
(&&&&&&&&&&&01725.&&&&&01,725 km²)
State map highlighting Franklin County
Fremont County 043 St. Anthony 1893 Bingham County John C. Frémont (1813-1890), an explorer of the western United States. &&&&&&&&&&011819.&&&&&011,819 &&&&&&&&&&&01867.&&&&&01,867 sq mi
(&&&&&&&&&&&04836.&&&&&04,836 km²)
State map highlighting Fremont County
Gem County 045 Emmett 1915 Boise and Canyon counties State nickname of "Gem State." &&&&&&&&&&015181.&&&&&015,181 &&&&&&&&&&&&0563.&&&&&0563 sq mi
(&&&&&&&&&&&01458.&&&&&01,458 km²)
State map highlighting Gem County
Gooding County 047 Gooding 1913 Lincoln County Frank R. Gooding (1859-1928), seventh Governor of Idaho (1905-1909), U.S. Senator (1921-1928). &&&&&&&&&&014155.&&&&&014,155 &&&&&&&&&&&&0731.&&&&&0731 sq mi
(&&&&&&&&&&&01893.&&&&&01,893 km²)
State map highlighting Gooding County
Idaho County 049 Grangeville 1864 Original county Columbia River steamship Idaho launched in 1860. Name predates both Idaho Territory and the State of Idaho. &&&&&&&&&&015511.&&&&&015,511 &&&&&&&&&&&08485.&&&&&08,485 sq mi
(&&&&&&&&&&021976.&&&&&021,976 km²)
State map highlighting Idaho County
Jefferson County 051 Rigby 1913 Fremont County Thomas Jefferson (1743-1826), third President of the United States (1801-1809). &&&&&&&&&&019155.&&&&&019,155 &&&&&&&&&&&01095.&&&&&01,095 sq mi
(&&&&&&&&&&&02836.&&&&&02,836 km²)
State map highlighting Jefferson County
Jerome County 053 Jerome 1919 Gooding and Lincoln counties Disputed, either North Side Irrigation Project developer Jerome Hill, his son-in-law Jerome Kuhn, or his grandson Jerome Kuhn, Jr. &&&&&&&&&&018342.&&&&&018,342 &&&&&&&&&&&&0600.&&&&&0600 sq mi
(&&&&&&&&&&&01554.&&&&&01,554 km²)
State map highlighting Jerome County
Kootenai County 055 Coeur d'Alene 1864 Nez Perce County Kootenai Native American tribe. &&&&&&&&&0108685.&&&&&0108,685 &&&&&&&&&&&01245.&&&&&01,245 sq mi
(&&&&&&&&&&&03225.&&&&&03,225 km²)
State map highlighting Kootenai County
Latah County 057 Moscow 1888 Nez Perce County Latah Creek, Nez Perce for "the place of pine trees and sestle." &&&&&&&&&&034935.&&&&&034,935 &&&&&&&&&&&01077.&&&&&01,077 sq mi
(&&&&&&&&&&&02789.&&&&&02,789 km²)
State map highlighting Latah County
Lemhi County 059 Salmon 1869 Idaho County Limhi, king of the Nephites according to the Book of Mormon. &&&&&&&&&&&07806.&&&&&07,806 &&&&&&&&&&&04564.&&&&&04,564 sq mi
(&&&&&&&&&&011821.&&&&&011,821 km²)
State map highlighting Lemhi County
Lewis County 061 Nezperce 1911 Nez Perce County Meriwether Lewis (1774-1809), a leader of the Lewis and Clark Expedition. &&&&&&&&&&&03747.&&&&&03,747 &&&&&&&&&&&&0479.&&&&&0479 sq mi
(&&&&&&&&&&&01241.&&&&&01,241 km²)
State map highlighting Lewis County
Lincoln County 063 Shoshone 1895 Logan County Abraham Lincoln (1809-1865), sixteenth President of the United States (1861-1865). Idaho Territory was founded under Lincoln's administration. &&&&&&&&&&&04044.&&&&&04,044 &&&&&&&&&&&01206.&&&&&01,206 sq mi
(&&&&&&&&&&&03124.&&&&&03,124 km²)
State map highlighting Lincoln County
Madison County 065 Rexburg 1913 Fremont County James Madison (1751-1836), fourth President of the United States (1809-1817). &&&&&&&&&&027467.&&&&&027,467 &&&&&&&&&&&&0472.&&&&&0472 sq mi
(&&&&&&&&&&&01222.&&&&&01,222 km²)
State map highlighting Madison County
Minidoka County 067 Rupert 1913 Lincoln County Disputed Native American origin, either Lakota for "a fountain or spring of water" or Shoshoni for "broad expanse." &&&&&&&&&&020174.&&&&&020,174 &&&&&&&&&&&&0760.&&&&&0760 sq mi
(&&&&&&&&&&&01968.&&&&&01,968 km²)
State map highlighting Minidoka County
Nez Perce County 069 Lewiston 1864 Original county The Nez Perce, a Native American tribe. &&&&&&&&&&037410.&&&&&037,410 &&&&&&&&&&&&0849.&&&&&0849 sq mi
(&&&&&&&&&&&02199.&&&&&02,199 km²)
State map highlighting Nez Perce County
Oneida County 071 Malad City 1864 Original County Oneida Lake in New York state, where many early settlers were from. &&&&&&&&&&&04125.&&&&&04,125 &&&&&&&&&&&01200.&&&&&01,200 sq mi
(&&&&&&&&&&&03108.&&&&&03,108 km²)
State map highlighting Oneida County
Owyhee County 073 Murphy 1863 Original county Corruption of Hawaii. Hawaiian fur trappers explored the area in 1819 and 1820. &&&&&&&&&&010644.&&&&&010,644 &&&&&&&&&&&07678.&&&&&07,678 sq mi
(&&&&&&&&&&019886.&&&&&019,886 km²)
State map highlighting Owyhee County
Payette County 075 Payette 1917 Canyon County Francois Payette (1793-1844?), Canadian-born fur trader and early settler. &&&&&&&&&&020578.&&&&&020,578 &&&&&&&&&&&&0408.&&&&&0408 sq mi
(&&&&&&&&&&&01057.&&&&&01,057 km²)
State map highlighting Payette County
Power County 077 American Falls 1913 Bingham, Blaine, and Oneida counties The American Falls Power Plant &&&&&&&&&&&07538.&&&&&07,538 &&&&&&&&&&&01406.&&&&&01,406 sq mi
(&&&&&&&&&&&03642.&&&&&03,642 km²)
State map highlighting Power County
Shoshone County 079 Wallace 1864 Original county Shoshone Native American tribe. &&&&&&&&&&013771.&&&&&013,771 &&&&&&&&&&&02634.&&&&&02,634 sq mi
(&&&&&&&&&&&06822.&&&&&06,822 km²)
State map highlighting Shoshone County
Teton County 081 Driggs 1915 Bingham, Fremont, and Madison counties Teton Range and valley. &&&&&&&&&&&05999.&&&&&05,999 &&&&&&&&&&&&0450.&&&&&0450 sq mi
(&&&&&&&&&&&01165.&&&&&01,165 km²)
State map highlighting Teton County
Twin Falls County 083 Twin Falls 1907 Cassia County Twin Falls waterfall on the Snake River. &&&&&&&&&&064284.&&&&&064,284 &&&&&&&&&&&01925.&&&&&01,925 sq mi
(&&&&&&&&&&&04986.&&&&&04,986 km²)
State map highlighting Twin Falls County
Valley County 085 Cascade 1917 Boise and Idaho counties Long Valley located in the county. &&&&&&&&&&&07651.&&&&&07,651 &&&&&&&&&&&03678.&&&&&03,678 sq mi
(&&&&&&&&&&&09526.&&&&&09,526 km²)
State map highlighting Valley County
Washington County 087 Weiser 1879 Ada County George Washington (1732-1799), first President of the United States (1789-1797). &&&&&&&&&&&09977.&&&&&09,977 &&&&&&&&&&&01456.&&&&&01,456 sq mi
(&&&&&&&&&&&03771.&&&&&03,771 km²)
State map highlighting Washington County

Old Idaho counties[change | change source]

  • Alturas County: A huge county in south-central Idaho that was formed in 1864, but split up in 1895.
  • Lah-Toh County, Idaho Territory: A county in northern Idaho that was formed in 1864, but it was ended a short time later in 1867.
  • Logan County: Formed by a partition of Alturas County in 1889, bit it was shortly ended in 1895.

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