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This is a list of famous mathematicians.

Australia[change | change source]

Azerbaijan[change | change source]

Brazil[change | change source]

Bulgaria[change | change source]

Chile[change | change source]

China[change | change source]

  • Zhang Heng, made the first seismometer; Astronomy, engineering, meteorology, geology, philosophy, and mathematics; died in 139 A.D.

Croatia[change | change source]

Czechia[change | change source]

Egypt[change | change source]

France[change | change source]

Great Britain[change | change source]

England[change | change source]

Greek[change | change source]

Hungary[change | change source]

  • Paul Erdős, published around 1,500 mathematical papers during his lifetime, a figure that remains unsurpassed;[15] died 1996

Italy[change | change source]

Iran[change | change source]

Morocco[change | change source]

  • Ibn Ghazi al-Miknasi, wrote Meknes's history and a commentary to the treatise of Ibn al-Banna; a work that explained the mentioned work, was named ["The desire of students for an explanation of the calculator's craving"] Bughyat al-tulab fi sharh munyat al-hussab (including, arithmetic and algebraic methods.[17] died in 1513

Norway[change | change source]

Romania[change | change source]

Switzerland[change | change source]

Syria[change | change source]

Ukraine[change | change source]

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