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Live Earth was a series of concerts held on July 7, 2007, and were organized by Al Gore, who used to be the vice president. Inspired by Live Aid and Live 8, Live Earth was held to raise awareness about global warming. It was held in cities on every continent in the world, even Antarctica, and stars like Madonna and the Foo Fighters came out to help.

Locations[change | change source]

Venues locations.
Coca Cola Dome Randburg near Johannesburg  South Africa
North America
Giants Stadium East Rutherford near New York City  United States
National Mall Washington, D.C.  United States
South America
Copacabana Beach Rio de Janeiro  Brazil
Makuhari Messe Chiba near Tokyo  Japan
Tō-ji Kyoto  Japan
Oriental Pearl Tower Shanghai  China
Sydney Football Stadium Sydney  Australia
Wembley Stadium London  United Kingdom
HSH Nordbank Arena Hamburg  Germany
Rothera Research Station British Antarctic Territory

Performers[change | change source]

Wembley Stadium (United Kingdom)[change | change source]


Giants Stadium (East Rutherford, New Jersey, United States)[change | change source]


National Mall (United States)[change | change source]


Sydney Football Stadium (Australia)[change | change source]


Coca Cola Dome (South Africa)[change | change source]


Makuhari Messe (Japan)[change | change source]


Tō-ji (Japan)[change | change source]

HSH Nordbank Arena (Germany)[change | change source]


Copacabana Beach (Brazil)[change | change source]

Oriental Pearl Tower (China)[change | change source]

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Rothera Research Station (Antarctica)[change | change source]

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