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Mario Party is a series of video games created by Nintendo and Hudson. The idea of each game is that Mario and his friends must travel across a game board and earn stars and coins. Each new game in the series contains new characters, playing boards, and mini-games. Every few turns, each character must participate in a mini-game. The winner generally gets 10 coins.

Titles in the series[change | change source]

Title Video game console Year
Mario Party Nintendo 64 1998–1999
Mario Party II Nintendo 64 1999–2000
Mario Party III Nintendo 64 2000–2001
Mario Party IV Nintendo GameCube 2002
Mario Party-e Game Boy Advance 2003
Mario Party V Nintendo GameCube 2003
Mario Party Advance Game Boy Advance 2005
Mario Party VI Nintendo GameCube 2004–2005
Mario Party VII Nintendo GameCube 2005–2006
Mario Party VIII Wii 2007–2008
Mario Party DS Nintendo DS 2007–2008
Mario Party IX Wii 2012
Mario Party: Island Tour Nintendo 3DS 2013
Mario Party X [1] Wii U 2015 [1]
Super Mario Party (Mario Party 11) Nintendo Switch 2018

Common characters[change | change source]

References[change | change source]

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