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Mario Party is a series of video games created by Nintendo and Hudson. The idea of each game is that Mario and his friends must travel across a game board and earn stars and coins. Each new game in the series contains new characters, playing boards, and mini-games. Every few turns, each character must participate in a mini-game. The winner generally gets 10 coins.

Titles in the series[change | change source]

Title Video game console Year
Mario Party Nintendo 64 1998–1999
Mario Party 2 Nintendo 64 1999–2000
Mario Party 3 Nintendo 64 2000–2001
Mario Party 4 Nintendo GameCube 2002
Mario Party-e Game Boy Advance 2003
Mario Party 5 Nintendo GameCube 2003
Mario Party Advance Game Boy Advance 2005
Mario Party 6 Nintendo GameCube 2004–2005
Mario Party 7 Nintendo GameCube 2005–2006
Mario Party 8 Wii 2007–2008
Mario Party DS Nintendo DS 2007–2008
Mario Party 9 Wii 2012
Mario Party: Island Tour Nintendo 3DS 2013
Mario Party 10 [1] Wii U 2015 [1]
Super Mario Party Nintendo Switch 2018

Common characters[change | change source]

References[change | change source]

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