President of Haiti

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President of the
Republic of Haiti
Président de la
République d'Haïti
Prezidan peyi Repiblik Ayiti
Flag of Haiti.svg
Jovenel Moise.jpg
Jovenel Moïse

since 7 February 2017
StyleHis Excellency[1]
Member ofCouncil of Ministers
ResidencePalais National
SeatPort-au-Prince, Haiti
Term lengthFive years
Renewable once non-consecutively
Inaugural holderAlexandre Pétion
FormationOctober 17, 1806 (1806-10-17)
SuccessionPrime Minister

The President of the Republic of Haiti (French: Président de la République d'Haïti, Haitian Creole: Prezidan peyi Repiblik Ayiti) is the head of state of Haiti. They serve as the executive power in Haiti. The power is divided between the president and the government headed by the Prime Minister of Haiti. The current President is Jovenel Moïse, who took office on February 7, 2017.

Qualifications[change | change source]

To be elected President, a candidate must:

  1. be a native-born Haitian and never renounced that nationality;
  2. have reached the age of 35 by election day;
  3. be the owner of a real property and have one's habitual residence in the country;
  4. reside in the country at least 5 years before election day;
  5. have been discharged of responsibilities if previously handling public funds.

References[change | change source]

Sources[change | change source]

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