Spanish East Indies

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Spanish East Indies
Indias orientales españolas
Motto: Plus Ultra
"Further Beyond"
Anthem: Marcha Real
"Royal March"
  Spanish East Indies
StatusTerritories of Spain
(Territory of New Spain from 1565 to 1821, and province of Spain from 1821 to 1898)
  • Cebu (1565–1571)
  • Manila (1571–1898)
  • Iloilo (13 August 1898 – 10 December 1898)
Common languagesSpanish (official)
Philippine languages, Micronesian languages
Roman Catholicism (state religion),
Islam, Philippine traditional religion, Micronesian traditional religion
• 1565–1598 (first)
Philip II
• 1886–1898 (last)
Alfonso XIII
• 1565–1572 (first)
Miguel López de Legazpi
• 1898 (last)
Diego de los Ríos
LegislatureCortes Generales
Historical eraSpanish colonization
• Colonization
27 April 1565
23 March 1901[1]
1877[2]345,155 km2 (133,265 sq mi)
• 1877[2]
CurrencyPeso fuerte
Preceded by
Succeeded by
New Spain
Ancient Barangays
Rajahnate of Maynila
Kedatuan of Dapitan
Kingdom of Butuan
Rajahnate of Cebu
Lanao Sultanates Confederation
Sultanate of Maguindanao
Sultanate of Sulu
Military Government of the Philippine Islands
First Philippine Republic
Republic of Zamboanga
German New Guinea
Dutch Formosa

The Spanish East Indies (Spanish: Indias orientales españolas Spanish pronunciation: [ˈindjas oɾjenˈtales espaˈɲolas]; Filipino: Silangang Indiyas ng Espanya) were the overseas territories of the Spanish Empire in Asia and Oceania from 1565 to 1901, They were governed from Mexico City and Madrid through the captaincy general in Manila.

Areas[change | change source]

The territories are:

History[change | change source]

The King of Spain called himself "King of the East and West Indies".

From 1565 to 1821 these territories, together with the Spanish West Indies, were administered through the Viceroyalty of New Spain based in Mexico City. After independence of the Mexican empire, they were ruled directly from Madrid. The territories ruled included present day Philippines, Guam and the Mariana Islands, as well as Palau, part of Micronesia and for a brief period Northern Taiwan and parts of North Sulawesi and the Moluccas. Cebu was the first seat of government, which later transferred to Manila.

As a result of the Spanish–American War in 1898, the United States of America occupied the Spanish Philippines and Guam, while Spain sold other smaller islands to Germany in the German–Spanish Treaty of 1899. The few remaining islands were ceded to the United States when the Treaty of Washington was ratified in 1901.

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