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Taipei City in the Republic of China
Taipei City

Taipei City (Chinese: 臺北市) is the capital city of the Republic of China, known by most people simply as Taiwan. It is the fourth largest city in Taiwan. It has a humid subtropical climate (Cfa in the Köppen climate classification). Its population in 2014 was about 2.7 million people.[1] Its mayor is Ko Wen-je.

History[change | change source]

Taipei city view

In 1626, Spanish people took over and started to spread their religion. The Dutch moved out Spanish and took over their fortresses than the Dutch started their trading business. In 1661 Koxinga came to Taiwan and expel the Dutch. And he started to reclaim Taiwan, used a system called Tuntian (a state-promoted method of agriculture), it successfully help Taipei to grow more food.[2] Taipei officially became part of the Tianxing county of China.[3]

In 1683 Taiwan got marked as part of the Qing Dynasty. Therefore a lot of Chinese moved into Taipei,[4] so there were many villages and streets formed, like the Mengjia, Shilin Street, Xikou Street and Dadaocheng. Dadaocheng is a place that produce tea, it has an important impact on how Taipei became prosperous. It was the biggest external trade port that . Foreign countries started to set their business stores in Taipei.

Divisions[change | change source]

Taipei City is divided into 12 districts.

Transportation[change | change source]

Famous Landmarks[change | change source]

Taipei has several landmarks that are in different places.[5]

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