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Hello everyone, welcome to my user page. I am a Patroller and rollbacker here and I Patrol new pages and new changes. I can understand Nepali, hindi, Sanskrit and Fiji hindi and partially understand most of the languages written in Devanagari.

About me

I am from Nepal and newiki is my home wiki. Though english is not my native language, I can speak and write it as if it is my native language. I am currently a student. So, I may take some wiki breaks but I try my best to be active here whenever I get time. I play sports like football, cricket, table tennis and badminton but I like chess the most. I listen songs by John Lennon and his band The Beatles.

Why I like Simple English Wikipedia?

  • The pages in simple english wikipedia are easy to understand. Don't take it in the wrong way but some pages of english wikipedia needs dictionary to understand the meanings of words.
  • The users here are very friendly and helpful. They help the new editors and help them to understand the policy of simple english wikipedia. When I was new here I made some mistakes and the users here helped me to correct those mistakes.
  • It thinks about the reader who are going to read the pages and creates pages accordingly.

New here??

You may like to visit:

And if you still need some help you are always welcome to leave me a message at my talk page. Just click here.


Pages that I have created.

New articles I started